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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detroit! Occupy the Fed Already...

Who else thinks the situation surrounding the bankruptcy of Detroit is making for one of the most dynamic political climates anyone living has ever seen? Certainly, the U.S. ruling class' utter subversion of humanist principle eloquently laid forth in the U.S. Constitution's preamble is being put on full display from Lansing to Washington, not to mention coast-to-coast and all across the globe. Then again, politics being a dirty business makes one wonder, too, whether all things are not what they seem.

Oddly enough we see escalating the push for direct U.S. intervention in Syria on behalf of the same imperialist crew wrecking Detroit. Well, if this does not vividly reveal just how bankrupt Wall Street really is right now, then nothing ever could. Plainly, as in obviously, just open your eyes, idiot, if Wall Street's chain reaction collapse were not imminently threatening, then could we not reasonably suppose a far less contentious path than currently is being taken would be followed instead?

Now, I don't intend to incite a heaping helping of sophistry from the far-out-there, but we're probably about to receive a boatload nevertheless, and most of it likely will be rather beyond belief, as in all things are not what they seem. So, maybe we should take Senator John McCain's warmongering with a grain of salt. After all, he is one of four bi-partisan co-sponsors on the second Glass-Steagall bill to be submitted in the U.S. Senate this year. Last I heard, too, the Republican party still considers al Qaeda an enemy of the United States, and their being lured into Syria only to be smashed hardly seems a bone any U.S. politician dare pick by directing grave threats against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. 

Still, just how important is a coalescence of intention venturing to uphold republican principles needed to reverse the plunge into the abyss their manifestation has taken in the U.S. since November 22, 1963 cannot be stressed enough. Congress' upcoming summer recess need be a hotbed of resistance to imposed bankruptcy and contrived war, and this centering on the ultimate goal demanding the Fed be nationalized, that the work of the American people in world-class economic leadership commence with a commitment to recognize this is the 21st century and not the 12th (in other words, a Fed window financing the build out of wind mills will not do!). This convergence of the Detroit bankruptcy and the call for war against Syria really is a gift, and we can reasonably predict that the mass strike about to hit could make 2010's look like a walk in the park.

Detroit's plight in all probability is keenly sensed an imminent threat in many other cities across the U.S., as well. Likewise, it's a good bet the Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah, and the Iranian Republican Guard recognize a 70% opposition in the U.S. to war against Syria is no cause for a Pearl Harbor attack, thereby making the sale of any such thing following a false flag an exceedingly challenging task. Then too, we would be remiss to forget desperate times call for desperate measures and, again, these obviously are desperate times.

For the record violence is best resisted at all costs. Indeed, this foundational intention earned my respect for "Occupy Wall Street." Better to show one's enemy a face-saving way out. Here "Occupy" failed miserably, while I have tried to remain faithful. A good idea now is Occupy the Fed demanding copious credit for the build out of the hydrogen economy and for student loans, as well as a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax to stabilize municipal debt and alleviate the financial burden today's utter bankruptcy is placing on the social safety net. Seal the deal with passage of Glass-Steagall (phased in once Fed credit has taken firm root) and it's time to go home. Just Occupy the Fed. Every civic leader whose constituents are threatened with being robbed in broad daylight (a la Cyprus) will find fertile ground leading to tranquility directing a surely growing rage in this direction. No need to loot businesses, burn buildings, wax fascists, or lynch Uncle Toms. Just Occupy the Fed and insist face-saving demands I have been advocating here are met. Beware provocations! These are bound to occur in a climate of desperation. This bit of Matthew will serve all well, notwithstanding violent challenges now likely to arise over coming weeks and months.

It sure looks like summer could turn hot, hot, hot, so keep your cool no matter how insurmountable odds of success appear. The critical sickness exposed in Detroit's bankruptcy is but the parasitical nature of today's so-called economy. In other words, "it's the derivatives, stupid!" Yet it's really not hard to imagine how this disease can be overcome with little or no disruption. The cure begins with the Fed's seizure to be sure. From there the slow suffocation—mercy killing—of the grossly imbalanced, dominating role derivatives play in today's banking business can be managed. Fed credit directed toward revitalizing the U.S. physical economy to a state-or-the-art, 21st century standard, I believe, could work wonders. Of course, this commitment entails a diversity of effect much like what is required in times of war. Make no mistake, though, the fight for republic is on. By nationalizing the Fed there's a fighting chance to keep it, and at the same time keep guns silent.

Now, liquidity Confetti is flooding into hopelessly insolvent banks the Fed supposedly regulates undeniably facilitates an apparent, broader targeting of municipalities with the aim of swindling pensioners. To counter this a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax would prove indispensable. As fate would have it, there is movement to form a "Tax Wall Street" national political party originating in the 2013 race for New York City mayor. Pressure demanding concrete. positive change clearly is growing. Kudos to NYC mayoral candidate Randy Credico for leading the charge.

Team Fraud's move to send the city of Detroit though bankruptcy, then, rather than a case of bad timing, all the more appears the face of desperation. Further substantiating this probability was today's Senate Banking Subcommittee hearing titled, "Examining Financial Holding Companies: Should Banks Control Power Plants, Warehouses, and Oil Refineries?" A very informative, fact-finding exercise forming the basis for moving Glass-Steagall forward. There's no escaping reality that, advancing is an attack on the banking system's leverage over a collapsing physical economy, that inevitable chaos the demise of the post-Bretton Woods hyperinflationary free-for-all continues accelerating toward be checked, and its pending, destructive effect be minimized.

This end, of course, heightens the need for marshaling productive credit. One of the issues discussed during today's Senate Banking Subcommittee hearing was how today's deeply intertwined financial and physical economy serves to minimize the cost of capital. Financial holding companies with access to the Fed's discount window possess a decided advantage here, and so with their control over tangible physical assets comes a positive benefit. Yet it remains a fact certain basic physical assets provide a direct benefit to all. Food and energy quickly come to mind here. So, agreement on the dividing line separating benefits accrued to shareholders of bank holding companies and society at large need be reached. Regulatory changes going back to the 1960s need be revisited, while provision of cheap credit to enterprises providing a direct benefit to everyone might best be provided by the Fed, thereby eliminating any middleman.

Obviously, these are somewhat complex issues prime for considerable obfuscation, while their existing amidst a very fragile economic and social climate only complicates things further. On one hand we might agree we never should have let things get this far. On the other hand we can see that, because a desperate situation has evolved as a result, the opportunity to effect positive change is rather promising here. A shakeup dramatically altering the physical and financial landscape to the effect of elevating all humanity has become a more credible, practical possibility now. All reason to be pessimistic aside—likely increasing over the coming period—a renaissance raising values of every sort (material and spiritual) is closer at hand. It is this better possibility offering a positive way forward needing the loudest supportive voice while the world we have known inexorably falls to the wayside.

Tragedy sure to intervene in the interim no doubt is the cost of having let vulnerabilities get so far developed as they are. Yet born of these is opportunity to permanently reverse the tide and get on with the business of promoting all manner of productive enterprise creatively elevating mankind's dominion over nature. We should, then, more reliably defer to those many better possibilities as in fact abundantly exist no matter how dire things might likely become. Every intrigue an opportunity to counter, turning minds toward seizing the Fed, that it provide credit to finance a prosperous United States running at breathtaking escape speeds allowing it to break free from gravity today grounding it to a hellfire club. Seize the Fed, because it's a desperate measure that's both intelligent and honorably intended.

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