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Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Shovel Ready" [For Burial]

Well, I can't tell you what it's gonna be that knocks this garbage out of the stratosphere. However, I can tell you what it's not gonna be. It's not gonna be pretty.

Well-dressed sanitation engineers of the 21st century—specializing in the disposal of livelihoods and, indeed, lives themselves—although likely giving up hope on much needed discovery of benevolent life on Mars willing to backstop lenders of last resort here on earth, are hanging tough in the absence of major hurricanes over the past couple years—this good fortune evidently leaving FEMA with plenty of body bags which to remove the dead without causing a sensation.

However, here and now, it's everyone "all in" and nowhere to go but the dump. This particular brand of trash—the crème de la crème—and the garbage it lords over had better hope the president's pitch to the U.S. middle class yesterday ventures a furious culling of savings parked in short-term Treasuries, and fast.

Otherwise, it's time for a new "shovel ready" project. This one, though, rather than digging out the country, instead looks to bury it in morass. Detroit's a bad sign (and more importantly, the name of the window the president need call the nation's servant, Confetti, and tell him to open, ordering he wait for Congress for instructions on how many billions he should pour forth to retool Detroit for its planned, 21st century role as "the new engine of 'merica")...

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