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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fed Employment Mandate: More Precious Than Gold

Allow me to translate for Confetti today. Even if rates rise to over 100%, he'll be buying. Surely, the collapsing physical economy card his policy plays (and will continue doing so, according to translation) will keep alive that employment mandate the Fed is tasked to meet. We should not let this mandate pass away by any means. The Fed's employment mandate effectively is the gateway offering to turn today's institution into a Hamiltonian National Bank directly serving the American people, and even for the sole sake of the central bank's employment mandate if need be. Do not let this mandate pass away. A $27 trillion line of credit the Fed conjured to stabilize a grossly imbalanced, fraud-riddled, securities-based banking system is proof in principle. This same power to conjure credit can be directly applied to meeting the central bank's employment mandate. The Fed can be made to do a lot of good in fact.

Enter discussion of investments Fed-conjured credit will finance that, by necessity, venture a physical economic platform whose leveraging of labor productivity will create untold wealth once established. There's more work to be done than you can shake a stick at! Truly. The hydrogen economy it is, then.

(Nicely segueing into continuing remarks on the present day's real fantasies made to blow up...)

Oh, I bet fish are biting on bait the market's continued resiliency presents this a late-November 2012-like moment with much more upside remaining. Sorry, but damage done this time in the lead-up certainly presents a different dynamic at work here. Furthermore, the relatively better performance of secondary issues during this current bounce rather appears a convincing sign oblivious is where it belongs, too.

Meanwhile, yesterday's review of a still suspect put/call ratio maintains ominous indication the market's sinking could squish many a fish today biting on Confetti's pledge to send rates to Mars if need be, in the search for benevolent life willing to backstop the new Milton Bradley...

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