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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide

While "Goebbels" continues to ratchet up the [failing] "fiscal cliff" hysteria and the masters of make believe dance along in euphoric optimism that, today's push by Shadow Greek Prime Minister Obama might produce the breakthrough needed to paint fantasy land green in a texture unmistakably resembling a swastika, Jerry Maguire perplexes that, on what proved an upside, outside day, no one showed up with any money. Volume sucked, thereby revealing the stock market's price discovery mechanism still remains very, very broken (and those exploiting it quite panic stricken, too, as they likewise are broke).

So, why don't bankrupt titans of tyranny shine their garbage endlessly pushing the magic recovery button, you wonder? Well, first of all, push too much and everyone will want to look a little closer at what's under the hood. There, more will discover it's all no good. And second, you can't goosestep your way to "prosperity" without extracting blood, that is if you're a died in the wool fascist. Blood is what this dog and pony show called the "fiscal cliff" is barking for. "Unknown" is how ponies easily moved with #my2k treats will perform when the dogs insist upon pissing all over their ancestors' graves, which imposition awaits conclusion of that epic battle Tory Left and Tory Right still cringe to engage, as a failed "Super Congress" and a countdown clock to the "fiscal cliff" very well demonstrate.


And the July 2011 similarity continues. Unlike the Energizer Bunny whose fortune, I hear, is fading on account of rechargeable batteries powering electronic toys so popular these days, the market's technical setup for a date with another tragic December infamy keeps going and going...


Now, this one is a little skewed on account of this morning's sell-off. Yet maybe those NYSE listed issues torched at today's open likewise provided subsequent short squeeze juice to keep Washington focused on its own blood.

Be that as it may, nearly 5% juiced in just over a week doesn't buy much in the way of band-aids these days. It rather appears the wound on Wall Street is very near becoming a fatal, unstoppable gusher.


You know what they say... You can run, but you cannot hide. Take it away boys...

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