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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FREE GIFT: Wall Street to Pay for Your Holidays

You want an easy options trade, hot shot? Here's further confirmation the market is poised to imminently move lower, this likely by at least a few percent. It comes by way of the NYSE McClellan Oscillator...

NYSE McClellan

Focus in on the three red dots marking short-term bottoms that have been set since September peak. Note how the McClellan Oscillator registered a positive divergence upon a NYSE Composite retest of its recent low, and how this was followed by a decent bounce. Each retest was much like today's and upon its occurrence the McClellan Oscillator gave a better reading than had registered when the NYSE Composite set each respective low. It's subtle and you have to look closely, but in each noted instance the Oscillator proved to be on course to rising back to its 0-line coincident with the NYSE Composite's retest and subsequent bounce.

Not so this time. Rather the McClellan Oscillator is giving an entirely different read. There likely will be no market bounce here. So, wave bye-bye. Consider your insurance policy being the several negative McClellan divergences (both the Oscillator and the Summation Index) going into September peak, and now the Summation Index about to go negative.

This appears a fine opportunity to make the bankrupt pricks pay for your holiday gift giving this year. To: Suzie; from: Jamie, Llloyd, Brian, Michael, John and all the bankrupt CEOs of Wall Street.

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