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Monday, November 12, 2012

Will Fiscal Cliff Fraud Bring Fear With a Price?

Funny, I don't recall CNBC going to bat for the middle class when its livelihoods were being dismantled and shipped overseas, leaving in its wake a services-based (make work), capital-thin skeleton solely supported by a debt trap founded on usury. Not a peep either when the middle class' labor unions were being vilified and destroyed, nor any analysis on how the nation could be so prosperous in the 1950s when unions were many times their present size. In fact, the fascist mouthpiece that is CNBC has done nothing but cheer on union bashing, and continues to do so to this very day. And what deathly silence the network gives to the market-based swindle whose consequence brings you pain every time you need to go from point A to point B and fuel up for the journey.

Oh, but that "fiscal cliff," now that should be a big middle class concern according to Fascist Central. Why your taxes are about to go up thousands of dollars a year! Well, here's a little truth everyone can chew on. The bankrupt pricks evidently are plum out of scams which to shove up your backside and now have no other means to sustain their dying Ponzi scheme than through stickups with their gun held right to your face. In fact, I'm dubious Team Fraud's media mouthpiece is not intentionally pitching a losing battle, this so an even bigger slice of swindle might be extorted from Treasury. Of course, for this the middle class will pay dearly, but don't tell CNBC, as they're too busy licking bankrupt butt to concern themselves much about reality.

Now would be a good time to recall resistance to TARP in 2008 registering at 10-1 opposed via phone calls and letters to congressional offices. The sentiment against swindler subsidy by no means has diminished over the interim, either. Overcoming this resistance is a well-known ruse, too. The gun to your face is the object upon which we focus here: the stock market, specifically, and financial markets more generally. Lord knows these are technically well-poised for a throttling.

At last, the NYSE Bullish Percent Index has entered the "death zone" (RSI < 30).

Meanwhile, the CBOE Put/Call Ratio's momentum still is positive and rising. Ditto the Volatility Index's momentum. Both portend more pain for stocks over days ahead.

On these three very short-term accounts we likewise find a decided degree of complacency indicative of a market with considerably more selling to suffer. By all appearances there seems present here the measure of resistance to believing any noteworthy trouble might be in store. Rather, the consensus appears to be bracing for yet another dip which to buy, today but biding time until someone steps up and gets things moving in a positive direction. There's every reason to believe, though, these folks are about to be disappointed. Judging by panic intentionally being manufactured over the so-called "fiscal cliff," the "buy the dips" crowd soon might be transformed into a "god save our sinking ship" contingent. The market's pending decline could be a real heartbreaker.

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