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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stars Align Another December Infamy

Let's begin this night of a full moon about to meet its eclipse by the earth's penumbra with speculation on a recent concern. The post-election purge of several neo-con U.S. generals starting with the CIA's Petraeus brought bright historian Webster Tarpley to suggest, "The rogue network, now a wounded beast, must be counted doubly dangerous." Of course, this makes sense.

Yet, then again, look who's doing the purging. The man whose lovers' dance with al Qaeda in Libya and Syria precipitated the introduction of House Concurrent Resolution 107 by Republican Congressman Walter Jones (who, by the way, co-sponsored HR 1489 with Democrat Marcy Kaptur).

Now, Tarpley consistently calls Obama "weak." Yet the need for an HCR 107 rather begs to differ, no? Of course, "weak" is meant to characterize Mr. Obama's presidential leadership. So, in fact there's really no disparity. After all, the man has shown himself to be quite the closet neo-con, unwilling to distinguish himself in most critical matters from the pack of Tory subversives dominating the Republican party. Such graceful command of the language he displays spouting red, white and blue sugar coated sweetness for a naive, undiscerning citizenry's consumption simply puts a new face on the "con."

The point I wish to make here is the U.S. president is much more dangerous than most are either willing or able to acknowledge. What perfect cover, too, is the post-election purge for setting up Obama's second term agenda seeking to cement for the ages that revered "legacy" U.S. presidents take with them when they leave office. Of course, we would have to be practically blind not to recognize that [fascist] political current relentlessly demanding unimaginable sacrifice in this, the nation's hour of extraordinary vulnerability and frailty. As such, the list of legacy possibilities is narrowed considerably.

As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. A mooted second term Secretary of State Susan Rice and Treasury Secretary Jamie Dimon give us some indication, though, of what might be in store. Simply put, it is hard to imagine two more qualified candidates who likely would prove useful prosecuting a Great War. This, too, would  alleviate Capo Confetti's struggle securing his legacy hyperinflating into oblivion King Ponzi's legacy of destroying capitalism, along with the American middle class.

Allow me to suggest, then, that some kind of agenda-setting event, provoked, manufactured, or both, has a better than 50-50 chance of breaking onto the scene any day now. Like I said, the post-election purge now provides excellent cover for those who have a "legacy" to cultivate. The "cover" is for those whose vanity makes such an operation, indeed, desirable. Likewise, there appear many birds that could be killed with just this one stone. Among these, too, includes the social safety net that, all along has been targeted via legislative circumstance leading to the so-called "fiscal cliff." What a way to likewise pigeonhole the incoming, 113th Congress, as well.

Blame my wild speculation here on a full moon about to be eclipsed. All the more on account of the fact this follows the sun's eclipse by the moon two weeks ago. Long-time readers are aware these two celestial events occurring in near proximity to each other have a history of coinciding with stock market crashes. Converging on a political realm bought and paid for by a hopelessly bankrupt financial class whose domain is vanquished and plainly showing it, better I think, to appear crazy speaking about such a seemingly unrelated matter as tonight's missive raises—this in the hope of circumventing another Polish invasion of Nazi Germany—than remain silent and risk watching World War III unfold before our very eyes all because too many of us didn't have either the guts or the brains to silence a bunch of squealing, stuck pigs with absolutely no business calling themselves Americans...

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