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Friday, July 06, 2012

The Worst Orgasm Fakers on the Planet!

There's really no need to worry about the employment outlook. Bleak as things are on account of hyperinflationary breakdown, there will be plenty of "bank examiner" and "special prosecutor" positions available in the very near future. Indeed, the financial capital of the world — London — has implied this very likelihood in the FT's call for Glass-Steagall.

Now, if only employment numbers today rather had shown a decline! Then, assuaged confidence that a mountain of ultimately unpayable debt still could be serviced for yet another three days (on account of reduced labor expenses) might have resulted in the market for irrationally overbought, wildly overpriced stocks rallying instead, and all the more on the presumption coming from the "rumor mill" that, Tina and Bernice would find further cause to rationalize extraordinary treatment of their terminally ill baby, Adam. This just wasn't meant to be, however.

Why on days like today they can't even mail it in from Chicago. Yet keep many a blindsided sucker holding on for dear life with trembling, weak hands apparently is easily enough achieved, just as long as the cost of insurance remains as grossly mis-priced as everything else in a banking system on the verge of collapse.


Well, with the LIBOR fix rapidly spiraling into "the banking industry's 'tobacco moment'" (or is this characterization rather transparently a bailout junky's Potemkin village?), what does Team Fraud have to lose at this point faking true risk at a moment when chain reaction insolvencies otherwise fast approaching are likely to bury counter-parties who today will take whatever they can get to appear solvent? That's how one really has to view declining volatility on this day especially — a 100% bonafide fraud. Like I said, they're hooked on it.

Being all the more trapped by calls for Glass-Steagall coming out of London of all places(!), the soon-to-be officially bankrupt now stand condemned as the worst fakers of orgasms on the planet! Take it away boys...

She-it, this one's good enough for a double-header...

Kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it.

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