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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Straight Out of Loony Tunes

In case you missed CNBC's "Fast Money" tonight, let me save you a lot of time with this 7 second summary...

What is so difficult about simple math? A Wall Street Journal report ten minutes before today's close greasing a rusting rumor mill with "Fed to the rescue!," this long after the Treasury market had closed, lending a knee jerk to satisfy the "hooked on fraud" crowd, and no one stops to think, "My god, the market is on the verge of spectacularly collapsing!"

Why wait so long to feed the rumor mill, and why not just delay the happy news until after the stock market closed? That's all you have to ask. I am not alone perceiving grave risk to the trans-Atlantic banking system's core whose many tens of trillions are the U.S. Treasury's liability. Bernice is well advised to stay away from helicopters. Too much poetic justice at stake. Allow me to translate: the Fed is trapped and its only course forward now is crash and burn.

Woefully few get it, and this notwithstanding rapidly growing evidence everywhere you look suggesting there isn't a bazooka big enough to satisfy the insolvent pig's voracious appetite for capital. Team Fraud facilitators faked solvency for as long as the economics department at Princeton could accommodate with their cauldron of sophistry seasoned to taste with mathematics straight out of Loony Tunes. We're but left at this perilous moment to chalk up yet another crazy thing in common with Nazism in a nation subverted by many vile flavors of evil.

Now is the hour when even core securities become garbage. These must be sold to make up for Bernice's shortfall. Of course, nut bags are raring to blame Count Draghi-ula, but the truth is these imperial ornaments on both sides of the Atlantic have outlived their usefulness. At this point the likes can only accelerate the banking system's spiral into the abyss, with liquidity and [necessary] asset sales becoming locked in a negative feedback loop. Welcome to Wiemar Germany, summer 1923, and remember, the climax of it came in November.

Just how critical it is right now to force Geithner out should be clear. He will be appearing in Congress tomorrow and Thursday. Softball dialog from jellyfish, like that afforded Bernice last week, must not be tolerated. Scorn like that heaped during the 2008 TARP vote is needed, imploring lunatic, spineless wonders in both the House and especially the Senate to fear the junkyard dogs their constituents have become as a consequence of Tina's accommodation of criminal fraud. Enough is enough, and if we are going to avoid Wiemar Germany's chaos, big heads must roll now before the insane matter within them is allowed to inflict damage never to be recovered in our lifetimes, if ever.

My God, I am overcome with acute fear over what is in store should a Great Political Shift not occur NOW. Deprivation like never before seen by any living American is a virtual certainty. The drought hitting the U.S. grain belt could not have come at a worse time. The thing to be stockpiling right now is not gold. Instead it is food. Sounds crazy, I know. Yet hyperinflationary breakdown brings devastation wrought with collapse in supply of every conceivable thing, and this is set to climax over months ahead should insane fascists who have infiltrated positions of authority remain in power. I kid you not, either these go, or we quite literally will die.

Even if you think me the loony tune here, there is nothing to lose taking my advice. Stockpile food — a year's supply is advised — because there is a good chance that, come next summer you will profusely thank me for saving your life.

Fast Money
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