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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Glass-Steagall in the Face of Nazism

Before discussing the one and only bit of filth pertinent to reality wherein trillions of dollars of insolvent securities are at grave risk of being wiped from the face of the earth, let's take a dig at a soon-to-be-disgraced Leon Cooperman. How does one argue the U.S. Treasury market is a bubble ready to burst, and therefore equities are the place to be? Does the man have no clue about what holds together the U.S. banking system? If Treasuries go, bye bye Pooperman.

The world wherein the U.S. President had better watch his back got a lot more real today with the murder in Damascus, Syria of that nation's current defense minister, as well as a former defense minister now a senior military official, in addition to the president's brother-in-law who was deputy defense minister. This is a new frontier in the same battle for Glass-Steagall.

The perpetrators are best seen the offspring of Nazism. The Russians rather understand this, yet probably had a great laugh, too, when Obama called today to insist the United States is ready for more war in Asia. "And who will finance this war, Mr. Obama? China? Or the insolvent central banks of the trans-Atlantic?" In other words, Russia has room to move.

Today's children of Nazism have no national identity. These are out in the open in a venture to destroy national sovereignty. Although it's the English-speaking variety on both sides of the Atlantic my primary concern, all of the globe's nations are being threatened.

Nazism has penetrated both the British and American political scene to be sure. The entire Syrian operation is signature, and this right from the get-go last year. The disinformation campaign has been tremendous. Yet its connection with the City and Wall Street principally lives in the domain of "survival of the fittest." To these "free markets" are the same sort of unbelievable, cheap affront as "Work sets you free" written at the entrance of a concentration camp. They're only "free markets" until requiring taxpayer swindle, or outright slavery enforced through wars of conquest. Their ways and means are exactly the same as the 20th century's European variety. Always their objective is sweet sounding (just as with "free markets" — LIBOR!). Always their end destructive. Nazis. These alone violently oppose Glass-Steagall and in all likelihood spoke today in Damascus, Syria.

Their threat Putin's Russia principally faces. Syria is NOT the target. This much is crystal clear by Syria's treatment at the hands of a United States and Britain in bed with al Qaeda. Only Nazis would make such an alliance! Feigned "concern for the Syrian people" exposed for what it is: a Nazi tactic. Plainly, there are bigger fish to fry in Asia.

So, coming from a U.S. President haunting echoes of a sorrow-filled, Russian past in the face of similar Nazi tactics, well, that must have been a real pisser at the Kremlin. How can Russia's leadership doubt America's leadership (which obviously does not include the U.S. president) will stand up to Nazism? And how can Russia insure that it does? Today's new frontier reached in Damascus, Syria increases their imperative to move in this direction (particularly having considerable room in which to do so), while in both the U.S. and Britain is a pressing need for action against this Nazi menace presently acting in the names of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her effeminate British Foreign Secretary counterpart Billy Hague. Not that party affiliation is any determining matter here, as it is in the Ivy League breeding ground (as is the case with Obama) and offshoot think tanks (covering most others) where Nazi tools of all party stripes generally are being groomed.

If you are uncomfortable consuming this message, my advice is invoke in your mind, right now, the final verse of the United States' National Anthem, then ask yourself: well, am I?

(... and from Teheran is additional light shed on our Nazi problem, as well as showing the American Revolution's "freedom of the press" exported in the internet age, making this victory yet further proof of the Revolution's legitimacy in truth that, all men are created equal, and so rightly endowed to life, liberty and happiness the world over.)

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