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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Barack Obama, Meet Neville Chamberlain

Lauren Lyster's interview today with Charles Ferguson (producer of the documentary "Inside Job") continues shedding light on the only path forward for a trans-Atlantic banking system caught in the eye of a financial hurricane whose most destructive edge lies immediately before us. During these final hours in the "calm before the storm" Wall Street will either willingly submit to a modern-day Pecora Commission prosecution, along with a game changing restructuring via Glass-Steagall, or, resisting this, likely both precipitate, as well as face a self-imposed bloodbath.

Benefactors of death-dealing Nazis will not die easily it seems, as escalating intrigues in the Middle East in general, and Syria in particular, reveal the fuller measure of criminality these will engage to sustain their power — all following on a myriad of financial crimes occurring unabated, directly facilitated through a bailout policy animating the crown jewels of an imperial system presenting the modern day face of tyranny, the likes of which once inspired the American Revolution, and now its reawakening. Exposed is but desperation presenting further proof that, every single institution captive to a system at whose core are "too big to fail" titans of tyranny is trapped. Possessing no more tricks which to feign the viability of a mountain of unpayable debt at the core of this imperial system called "globalization," death-dealing Nazis position their most pathetic, corrupt tools to fill the void (yes, Senators McCain and Lieberman, yes, Secretary of State Clinton, yes, President Obama, you). Here finds both the U.S. and U.K. aligned with al Qaeda in Syria, only raising sight among the sane of a new Nuremberg Tribunal on the horizon.

Our situation here is not unlike that in Great Britain leading up to World War II. On a certain level of comparison one might consider Barack Obama today's Neville Chamberlain whose sweeping from power becomes necessary in the face of irrefutable evidence the present day's Nazi menace is no more trustworthy, nor better appeased. As such, certain aristocratic elements in London understanding what horrors are at stake have begun to counter today's Nazi threat, first with exposure of Barclays' leading role in the LIBOR scandal, and then quickly following with the FT's July 3rd call for Glass-Steagall. The knockout punch awaits but a frontal assault on the U.S. Treasury — the ultimate guarantor of the hopelessly insolvent trans-Atlantic banking system — and this attack cannot be far off.

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Duly noted technical similarity to July 2011 meets an extraordinarily dangerous fundamental backdrop whose impact on confidence surely has been reflected by the diminishing volume of shares exchanged over the past year. Plainly, the marketplace desiring to bid up garbage is thinning. Little wonder in a world of trapped central banks and treasuries, paralleled with pathetic Nazi-appeasing wannabes in various, high-level positions of political power. It will all be over soon. At least the faking it part anyway...

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