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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Thrive Movement: Right Villain, Yet a Weak Call to Arms

You're going to like this, and you're probably going to hate it, too. An organization called the "Thrive Movement" has produced a two-hour documentary featuring Foster Gamble titled, "THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?" There are two sections respectively titled, "Follow the Money" and "Global Domination Agenda" that are highly recommended this Fourth of July here in the United States. Americans mindful of the living threat to our forefathers' brilliant Revolution will gain clearer understanding of the architecture of today's global imperialism, the likes of which in that former time inspired creation of "a republic, if you can keep it." The manner in which yet another life and death challenge today confronts the United States is powerfully detailed in these two sections of the Thrive Movement's film.

Now in making this connection to the American Revolution on this Independence Day exposed in Thrive's documentary is a tragic amnesia supposing the American victory over tyranny is won, and so, now, is old news, rather than ours being in truth a continuing battle, much as history suggests will always be. How very infrequently in our nation's 236 years have its unique constitutional strengths been fully put to practice! This reality, it seems, escapes Foster Gamble. Still, he has done a masterful job connecting the dots to create today's living image of tyranny. Bombshell — absolutely explosive — is his conviction that, elites venturing global domination are committed to massive population reduction. Fine corroboration with the same view long enunciated by America's oldest living founding father, Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.

As I have watched but once "THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?," I do not recall if it is in the two sections recommended above where Gamble details the various institutions promoting a radical depopulation agenda. Yet damning evidence he presents against such well-known organizations as the American Medical Association (among other leading institutions) bolsters the credibility of both Gamble's and LaRouche's charge.

The purpose of "THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?" is to promote development of what is called "free energy," that all humanity gain access to a means of powering modern living. My problem with this endeavor is that it is being presented as an alternative to nuclear energy, claiming this "dangerous." Truth is, however, increasingly denser forms of energy production are prerequisite to mankind's survival, let alone its thriving. Without capacity to harness an ever-higher concentration of energy throughput, mankind's ability to physically alter nature to its own, as well as nature's benefit in an environment where sufficient quantities of material resources are limited invariably will condemn mankind to a state where it is more easily divided and conquered (making our species, as well as many others, only the more susceptible to extinction). This is not to suggest Gamble's presentation of the organizing principles of the universe producing patterns identified as the "Torus" whose structure is represented by a construct called "the vector equilibrium"—these being conceptual building blocks for harnessing "free energy," as investigated by Nikola Tesla and others—are the least bit fanciful or unworthy fuller investigation and understanding, as these principles apparently regulate the sun's fusion of hydrogen into helium and could prove indispensable to mankind's harnessing energy in synthesized fusion reactions, as well as matter/anti-matter reactions beyond that.

Suffice it here that, until Kimberly Clark markets their "Depend" undergarment with the slogan, "Because today might be the day the sun blows up," my support for nuclear power as a viable and necessary means for mankind to assure its survival will remain intact, no matter detractors who claim nuclear power is "dangerous." It is no more dangerous than the sun, and a sunny day is always a welcome one. Yet were devices harnessing so-called "free energy" to present an energy density throughput in excess of that available using nuclear power, then we obviously would be onto something very much worth pursuing. According to Gamble's investigation mankind already has encountered living beings who have made this leap (while substantiation of this comes from some rather credible people). It is enough to open the mind, anyway, of an unbeliever in extraterrestrial visitors to earth, like myself.

The most glaring shortcoming of "THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?" is its proposed solution to overcoming [imperial] institutional influences effectively suppressing technological advancements necessary for mankind to thrive. My position is given in comments made on YouTube, and these follow the full documentary below...

"THE CODE" (7:55)
Fundamental Pattern
Ancient Cultures
New Energy Technology

"THE PROBLEM" (43:15)
Follow the Money
Global Domination Agenda

"SOLUTIONS" (1:38:45)
Solutions Strategies
Success Stories
What Can I Do?
Critical Mass Actions

YouTube comments:
"Excellent expose` of the enemies of the American Revolution. Therein, too, is the urgent need to understand Alexander Hamilton and the National Bank he singlehandedly created in formalizing a credit system capable of meeting the purpose of the federal government, such as is eloquently stated in the U.S. Constitution's Preamble. Von Mises is a fascist fraud and couldn't hold a candle to Hamilton.

"Your 'solutions' regrettably fall way short in their slavish obeisance to money. Although I agree with your conclusions re: elites venturing global domination, the last dot connecting the present age to that which precipitated the American Revolution needs developing. In so doing you're likely to find that many of those million environmentalist movements you suggest offer a path to thriving in fact are tools of the very same tyrannical elites driving an agenda that includes massive depopulation."

The most viable line of attack in today's battle with an imperial tyranny rather runs through the U.S. Congress and, most emphatically, the White House. Today's is an opportunity unlike any in history to reassert precious, humanist principles that are the living fruits of the American Revolution. The U.S. Constitution is not a quaint relic, as otherwise appears the guiding attitude driving a White House occupied by a murderer of U.S. citizens who have been denied due process and a Congress lacking the moral fortitude to prosecute the President for high crimes, as is a constitutional duty each member of the U.S. House of Representatives has sworn to uphold.

The point is if enough pressure from the American citizenry demanding their congressional representative do their job in the matter of charging the President of a high crime, then the path is cleared for asserting the fuller powers made available to Congress in the U.S. Constitution, thereby making possible the reestablishment of the Bank of the United States along lines Hamilton amply developed and defended when he was the nation's first Treasury Secretary. With power over finance secured and a mission-oriented objective established to raise the productive capacity of the American economy, our focus turned to tapping nature's abundance might proceed to some presently unimaginable success whose benefit could even harness incredible quantities of "free energy," and make interstellar travel an achievable reality.

This seems far surer solution than that proposed by Foster Gamble to overcoming the "global domination agenda" in a cause willfully securing liberty in such a way as delivers access to abundant sources of power to every human being, that each more assuredly might prosper and thrive. So, since you already have burned two-plus hours watching "THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?," what's another one hour listening to Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) describe how easily constituents can gain consideration from their elected representative in Congress. Apparently, just ten phone calls coming into a representative's office on any single issue will get that representative's attention. Just ten! Now, this may not win "free energy," but it is a fine start toward raising political awareness and expressing an intention that is in keeping with the American tradition of fighting to win. Such is how the full measure of the Blessings of Liberty—long established now as an American birthright—will be secured in truth to ourselves and our Posterity. For the United States to be a great nation not only in word, but also in deed, the way forward offering the path of least resistance runs through the U.S. Congress and the Executive Mansion.

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