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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The World Before Casinos Owned Washington

Back in the day when the United States fielded presidents boldly asserting America's preeminence at all costs, because these understood that, to be preeminent you must invest in your nation — for younger readers this was before Congress was stuffed with a bunch of pathetic bean counters who could not discern sound investment from a crap shoot, such as presently makes this body a perfect mark for policies promoting the spirit of fascism — today was one of the most wondrous days ever in the nation's history...

I was a young boy of ten. How could I not assume this would be the way of life forever on end?

Who would have thought the next generation would find its leadership so inept that, rather than challenging it to greatness, would reduce it to smallness in a never ending stream of petty existence with the most enduring quality finding those most incompetent elevated all the way to the top (leaving 9/11 to show for this, and producing a most noteworthy, "What!").

The party of Lincoln — savior of the Union and builder of the trans-continental railroad — skilled in thuggery necessary to manage a casino, and not much else. You might say more proof of hidden inflation, as an expensive education does not get much these days.

The party of Roosevelt — the bane of fascism and developer of the nation's natural resources — these have become but hot air for windmills. What next wooden shoes?

Forty-two years ago political leadership meant vision and courage. Today it is little else but subservience to swindlers, with both parties smearing their support with sophistry so thick that, few see through it and recognize base cowardice: rudderless wimps, jellyfish!

We are so close to unimaginable chaos. The destructive battering ram — vice's lever — no doubt having well-served its intended purpose, moves closer to its date with destiny in the dustbin of American history, where every form of snake oil sold from sea to shining sea finally meets its inglorious end...


Technically speaking, those who call the euro-zone "Titanic" find confirmed in Financials a growing sense of panic. By all measures she's listing badly now.

So, take it away Frankie ... if only that Congressional sheep well on their way to slaughter might come to their senses soon enough to realize sound investments transforming the United States into the greatest nation on earth, indeed, require a U.S. Treasury dedicated to difficult missions no bean counting casino operator can manage...

In other words, Titanic is going down.

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