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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stupid Cows Pay Up for Faith in Bean Counters

You have to hand it to those cows...


They finally wake up and demand more feed for protection written to the bankrupt debt farmer whose ranch still burns, the likes of whom have dripped the farm's wildly overvalued, scorched equity to the herd for as long as a bi-partsan box of tools in Washington have wittingly propped up the farmer's fraud-rife, unmarketable, credit securities ("assets" unmarketable at least at a price anywhere near their mark on the farmer's books), and thinking the farmer in the end intends to keep the farm, step up in a show of faith in the farm's posterity and pay the steeper price they just earned, this for the right to gain an added piece of the farm's future promise...


Stupid cows. Several times already this year they've similarly hungered for the farmer's tainted oats — fertilized with enough monetarist sophistry to keep the herd salivating — only to come away unfilled...


Since February, when per the new Elliott Wave view the fourth wave of five waves up from late-June 2010 began unfolding, each time cows stepped up for a right to own a slightly bigger piece of the farm — apparently either being upwind from the burning barn, or blinded by the smoke — soon afterward were made to suffer the consequence of having swallowed the farmer's poison pill disguised as financial Viagra.

TRANSLATION: cows being yesterday's put option writers today stepped up to become net call option buyers ... and this time paying the highest price yet commanded by savvy debt farmers.

The things you can achieve when you have stuffed Congress with a bunch of pathetic bean counters who wouldn't know Alexander Hamilton from a Hamilton Beach toaster and Abraham Lincoln from Lincoln Logs! When the U.S. Treasury is likened to a typical American household, you know you are dealing with a bunch of intellectual weaklings, mental midgets, jellyfish: cowards.

You want proof? Name one American household possessing power to levy taxes. Proof out.

Quack "businesspeople" mainly dominating the Republican party ought spend an evening studying Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton's persuasive argument made to President George Washington in defense of the Bank of the United States. Since this wouldn't take more than an hour, there would be plenty of time to brush up on Lincoln's "greenbacks" policy. If these glorified bean counters calling themselves "businesspeople" weren't so busy doing Team Fraud's bidding and instead started acting like Americans brave enough to stand up to tyranny, then maybe we would all be a lot less pissed off...

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