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Thursday, July 14, 2011

For All The Cows

I can explain to you in just 20 seconds what is going on at the intersection of Wall Street and the CBOE (you're gonna love this)...

Ah yes, says the capital-starved debt farmer choking on his wildly overpriced equity looking over the field of slow-moving cows just begging to be milked. These have spent too much time with the farmer's swine, and written protection on the farmer's equity, thinking the farmer would never burn down the barn, as this would end it all for both farmer and cow alike. Yet the farmer is selling and has been since March '09, while pretending the silo fire in '08 isn't spreading. What's a cow to do but step up, hoping to protect its interests, and do what it must to help both farmer and itself, notwithstanding the fact its pee is no match for the blaze the farmer's hired hands keep stoking. Yet a cow's limited brain capacity apparently is not such a big vulnerability pitted against the debt farmers' "best and brightest." The cows at least are demanding more feed for protection they're writing... $VIX I'm called a cow I'm not about To blow it now For all the cows...
My kind has all run out As if kinds could blend Some time if time allows Everything worn in Everything worn in Everything worn in like it's a friend... SPX 5-min Anyway, the barnyard shuffle upcoming could look something like this. After all, Anabell needs sunshine, too, if she is going to keep on producing right up to the moment the farmer delivers her for slaughter... Fast Money
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