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Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to the Bad News Banks

Just a quick look ahead at prospective improvement in the market's underlying technical state that might precede its further lift higher completing its advance off late-June 2010 bottom...

NYSE McClellan

Although I might venture a guess that, the NYSE McClellan Oscillator's sizable contraction since the start of the month probably has run its course (at least for the most part), still in store likely will be a period during which its improvement materializes along lines seen last November, this to set up the market's final mover higher.

Being so late in the game, evidence of increasing underlying complacency would be fitting the moment. Thus, the NYSE McClellan Oscillator is thought to have come in about as far as it will here. Should the rising trend of the Oscillator's bottoms since March remain intact, complacency's technical demonstration will be confirmed, then.

Likewise confirmed across the trans-Atlantic, and with increasing frequency these days, is the banking system's insolvency...

It was a mistake repealing Glass-Steagall, indeed! Yet those whose lust for power requires they be good liars batting for Team Fraud apparently remain slow to perceive their own infection with the DSK disease, as well as increasing risk they might need to be isolated...

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