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Thursday, May 09, 2013

S.897: Lifting Employment and Exporting the American Revolution

Here's why Senator Elizabeth Warren's "Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act" (S.987) is merely a foot in the door to reestablishing a Hamiltonian credit system in the United States—an end whose consequence effectively would see the U.S. Federal Reserve nationalized and transformed into the Third Bank of the United States...

Gainful employment for even college graduates is collapsing under the weight of a banking system choking on garbage. Therefore must credit be made available for financing much more than college educations.

Appropriately challenging work also must be fostered to meet the creative capacities of a labor force possessing diverse educational backgrounds. Plainly, today's banking system is not up to the task. That's why Senator Warren's bill really is only a foot in the door.

Reality vividly depicted above (and not so subtly underscored by Senator Warren's legislative initiative) points to the urgent need for furthering a national dialog not so overwhelmingly accommodating to imperial finance at the expense of everything else. Big problemo for that dominating part of our world hooked on hyperinflation needed to sustain the illusion of "value" underlying the wares it peddles. A change in the political conversation necessarily means a likely alteration in the degree of influence that dying part of our world requires in order to maintain the illusion of its "value." Not to say it has none. Rather only to question the "value" it presently assumes. The picture above does all the talking, really, as does Senator Warren's bill portending creation of the Third Bank of the United States (a portent her bill at least makes implicit).

Truth is no matter any likely pending Team Fraud initiative venturing to shanghai Elizabeth Warren's bill, that the national conversation invariably will increasingly call into question today's status quo really should be the crux of a rational investor's thinking in formulating his or her outlook. So very few people understand the nature of the imperial beast dominating today's financial, economic, political and social setting. It rather seems a "my way or the highway" affair. Zero prosecutions following 2008's financial debacle rather confirms a black and white state in which we presently appear tragically situated. Chances are, then, even the slightest denial of "my way" more or less assures "the highway" will be traveled. Given how precariously geared is today's arrangement encompassing much of what passes for modern life, any significant change in the national conversation such as Senator Warren's bill is set to initiate has a much better than 50-50 chance of putting our world on a highway to hell.

Still, this very likelihood probably will but hasten full nationalization of the Federal Reserve. Thus the true irony of our experience since 2008's collapse of Adam Smith's Leveraged Ponzi Scheme is the degree to which Team Fraud has apparently remained in control of that debacle's fallout when in fact, by the exceedingly accommodating defense of a hopelessly bankrupt system, principles lying at the heart of the American Revolution not so mysteriously are being resurrected. Call me a wide-eyed optimist, but with each passing century's challenges to our republican form of government overcome, it's only proving more difficult for the Venetian mafia—Europe's oligarchy headquartered in the City of London—to continue controlling humanity through deception and intrigue. It's on this note we might otherwise begin to ponder how Elizabeth Warren's initiative could spark a movement at the highest levels of civilized society seeking to install republican forms of government in every English-speaking land throughout the world, as well as beyond, this for the determined sake of uplifting English culture's possession of a most refined humanistic quality predisposed to serving all mankind's benefit. As few who understand the nature of the imperial beast presently subverting humanity, equally as few likely recognize currently existing—this a direct result of accomplishments the United States has secured over the course of its 200+ years—the historic opportunity to peacefully export the American Revolution like it's nobody's business. The entire industrialized world, as well as so-called emerging markets finds itself in an unparalleled, precarious position. Never has the opportunity been so ripe to uplift all humanity with fruits grown through the fullest manifestation of constitutional republic—an achievement that the United States, itself, on a scale of 1-10, at best has reached a 5, and so still risks its permanent decline. Yet an historic occasion is at hand to mitigate this risk for at least several generations and quite likely longer. Indeed, it's this kind of necessary thinking alone that could turn Elizabeth Warren's meager offerings into an unimaginable, bountiful harvest for all humanity awaiting national banking in the space age.

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