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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

WIP: Basing for Last Lift to Precipice

The Dow Jones Industrials Average presents a clear technical backdrop supporting our Elliott view that, 5 waves up from mid-November 2012 bottom are forming a "c" wave (which is itself completing an a-b-c up from early-October 2011 bottom)...

As Elliott 3rd waves typically are most "dynamic," the 3rd wave of a 3rd wave of a 3rd wave likely will be the very most dynamic of all. Wave iii of 3 of (c) unfolding January 2013 displays this typical 3rd wave dynamism both via RSI (top panel) and MACD (bottom). Likewise we see both these measure more or less glued to the positive side of their respective ranges. This confirms a larger 3rd wave (i.e. wave (c)) has been unfolding off mid-November 2012 bottom.

We see typical 4th wave versus 2nd technical deterioration. RSI displays this quite clearly. Twice during formation of wave 3 of (c) this registered.

Wave 4 of (c), forming since April 11 peak similarly should see RSI and MACD fall below their respective wave 2 of (c) troughs reached late-December 2012. Today's decline very well could have begun the market's trip lower that's likely to get the job done. Whatever bounce is left should be limited. There's a decent chance yesterday's peak at the close is unlikely to be breached anytime over the next couple weeks.

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