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Monday, May 06, 2013

Junkyard Dog Barks Twice for Satan

Good to see the bankrupt albatrosses of the trans-Atlantic survived the weekend. Not many more remain which to play let's pretend we're solvent. Who's counting the fact Team Fraud's Hebrew attack dog twice was sicked on a world too feeble and cowardly to stop paying the devil his due?

By the way, whose dumb idea in the nuclear age was it to congregate in a small geographical area millions of Jews? As the answer is the devil's bankrupt oligarchs of London and New York—the same crew who once backed Hitler and spread fascism across Europe (judging by current events, too, some things never change)—then fairly evident should be just where the bombs likely will be bursting once the upcoming, global "bail in" distracts everyone from the big picture: bankrupt oligarchs left only the more desperate, and so, likely clinging to power using every means at their disposal. An armed robber's famous line is "your money or your life!" Well, the money's all gone, leaving a useful fool like Bibi faithfully serving the devil's design.

Does it not stand to reason in a market driven by the mantra, "If you want a piece of this increasingly unwanted garbage (see volume), then pay up!," that the relatively best performing trash would be those firms choking on the greater bulk of it? Behold the living face of desperation! Hook and crook the emcees of an historic game of make believe until death do us part.

Throughout the post-2008 period, whenever firms feeding on the giant dung pile that is the trans-Atlantic financial system are performing relatively better than the S&P 500 (see bottom panel)—something of a true rarity these days(!)—the fact of the matter is things can get no better. To be sure QE to infinity is no game changing solution. Although this policy likely underlies the relative outperformance of financials, pressure on interest rates is building and soon enough will reach a boil. Not even a global "bail in" on the Cypriot model will stop an accelerating revulsion higher up in the capital structure. The hyperinflationary policy of global central banks effectively guarantees a wealth-destroying outcome.

Noteworthy here is the fact financials have outperformed the S&P 500 for such an extended duration. This certainly sets up well an anticipated bloodbath sometime this year whose effect sinks major indexes in a panic taking out March '09 support like it wasn't even there.

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