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Monday, June 21, 2010

Yuan a be a Sucker?

That about says it all. There is no mere monetary adjustment in the world that can save us now. They leveraged it up and collapsed its wealth-producing capacity, so now we sink no matter what, because the [collapsing] physical economy simply can be leveraged no further.

No mere currency concession can possibly help keep the global financial system afloat, lessening the odds of its implosion. All the monetarist monkey glee over what otherwise should be seen an alarm bell signaling yet another flareup of shark-on-shark action obviously is a smokescreen allowing anyone with a functioning brain cell a few more minutes to batten down the hatches.

One can only imagine what prospective "flash crash" the Chinese are being threatened.

SPX 5-min

I continue to believe a prospective fourth wave of five waves up from June 1st is forming. Were not every minute Team Fraud can buy thought precious, then I might more strongly suspect five waves up from June 1st completed today, marking the end of wave c of 2 (of five waves down from late-April top).

Chances are the next few days will see the end of it, and then collapse subsequently will loom large.

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