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Saturday, June 19, 2010

WANTED: Hungry Bears

Risk $50 for a quick $500 (and many thousands soon after)

A low-risk opportunity trading OEX options is fast approaching.

If just ten hungry bears pony up $50 each, a $500 initial stake can be rapidly increased by over 1000% (easily) during the market's approaching, steep decline.

Here again is my forecast view. This is the same S&P 500 chart I presented on June 5th...


My goal is to turn each $500 initial stake into $5500. Upon reaching this goal, $500 will be returned to each person putting up $50.

Following this you could continue trading OEX options with what will be your funds, as I will be sending out Trade Notification detailing my trades as they happen.

Given my outlook, I believe a nice 5-figure gain could be yours, even by the end of the year (6-figures is not out of the question, either).

All risking just $50.

Write me for more information (SUBJECT: $50 Mega Score).


You can fund your stake right now, seeing your risk here, relative to your prospective reward, is as low as it gets.

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