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Monday, September 28, 2009

One Eye on Hedge Funds Seen Through a Yawn

Zzzzz. Zzzzz. Zzzzz. Oh! Is it over? So many mergers and so little carry-on speculative interest targeting similarly situated companies. Volume today was pathetic.

Could this possibly indicate weak hands (a.k.a. "suckers") even populate those corporate boards seeing "bargains" at a time when, in fact, the case for cash remaining king for as far as the eye can see is rather compelling?


All things mentioned Friday suggesting further selling straight ahead are relegated questionable by similar technical conditions as exist now likewise existing early-September. Thus, reluctance to claim top is in.

Nevertheless, the coordinated role of bankrupt European and American interests in buying time to offload worthless assets with help of a prolific media whose intelligence value these days struggles to top Sesame Street, while at the same time physical economy continues its collapse, must be gaining notice in circles seeking to exploit the profound vulnerability of those presently seeking benefit, come hook or crook.

Now, just how such exploitation might be run is rather a mystery. My gut feeling is certain select, ill-positioned hedge funds somehow could be hung out to dry. This, after all, was how the present bear market was initiated, when at considerable expense to most, if not all, Americans two Bear Stearns hedge funds were attacked for the benefit of a select, British-connected enterprise...

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Anonymous said...

Two Words: Yom Kippur

Is there any doubt why the volume was "pathetic" on Monday?

Come on man...

TC said...

That comment is ridiculous. I don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what is ridiculous about it. The holiest day of the Jewish calendar where most Jews take off would be a very good reason why volume is light.

Is volume light on the day after thanksgiving, or on new years eve, or is that a ridiculous comment too?

But I do however appreciate the measured & reasoned response to a perfectly valid comment.

TC said...

I stand corrected. In the context I gather you meant your observation there arguably is cause and effect. However, given recent revelation of S&P 500 companies' holding wads of cash, and then this day's demonstration of corporate willingness to, in fact, use said wads of cash, I am inclined to think the Gentile bid easily would have come in much stronger anticipating more corporate cash coming to market in the near future. This didn't happen and that ought be a red flag if you think the market's bounce off March bottom is something other than a counter-trend rally. (Not saying you do; just making a general point, substantiating my post's message.)