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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Walking on Water and Certain to Sink

The crème de la garbage is a disaster in waiting...

I would sooner believe Jesus actually walked on water during his time on earth than suppose bankrupt financials could withstand the Fed withdrawing a dime of its extraordinary support. We might only conclude that, the very picture of the banking system's utter insolvency is presented here.

Were the corrupt Fed's insane intervention—serving only to temporarily sustain a mountain of illegitimate debt, this by adding but more of the same to it, much as any rotten Ponzi scheme requires—something other than a lever greasing the way for a Wiemar style outcome whose ultimate aim is annihilating the U.S. Treasury, rendering it in breach of the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment, section 4, then some well played fright venturing to shake weak hands of their shares would have been ventured in the interim since Capo Confetti took QE nuclear last year. This, of course, would have served strong hands preparing for a market advance of exceptional breadth and duration. Instead, we have seen a dying circle jerk exploiting a broken price discovery mechanism, buying time while conditioning the masses to accept their doomed fate (in the current iteration vis-à-vis ruthlessly imposed bankruptcy and consequent, thieving bail in). Having seen no demonstration of strong hands willing to shake the weak, this that substantial stakes in a likely long lasting run higher be secured well in advance, we might reasonably conclude our view on the banking system's utter insolvency is one strong hands in fact share.

Our contention has been, and remains, weak hands dominate the market. Their desperate need for both Fed largesse, as well as sustained perceptions of the institution's legitimacy in its present, über corrupt form, rather serves to cultivate a lemming mentality likely to say and do the "right" things in reaction to any abuse sure to be experienced in the upcoming period. This already well established cultural corruption—Shemp—is bound to swimmingly serve oligarchy only more profoundly once the boom is lowered initiating the next leg collapsing the physical economy and pushing both the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury further into an overt hyperinflationary posture yet more closely approximating the Wiemar experience. The means by which this likelihood would be accomplished seems rather certain to involve an energy crisis, much as we have ruminated over recent days.

As for "walking on water," this is a feat only those still living in spirit accomplish. No David Copperfield like optical illusion—no apparition—nor any defiance of physical reality we in the flesh are bound to is conveyed by the idea. To "walk on water" is to meet the resurrection of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who is not the God of the dead, but of the living. It is to die in the flesh, but leave an empty tomb. With that established, then, we can be certain Jesus did not walk on water while he was a living, breathing man of the world, much as you and I are right now. Rather, his extraordinary feat walking on water is being accomplished this very hour. How do we know this? Well, what is water to life? Why, it is everything. Without water there can be no life. So, now we come to the heart of the matter: Is Jesus dead or living? If the latter, then that's how it is possible to walk on water, and likewise why I am certain no one ever in the flesh did such a thing. As I raised the matter above, I thought this might be worthwhile explaining.

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