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Friday, December 13, 2013

U.S. Dollar Tribute Propping Confetti Fed

There is not much point getting hopped up over the severe state of unsustainable imbalance the reckless Federal Reserve insists on perpetuating at the behest of its bankrupt Venetian imperial masters whose unregulated offshore derivatives casino has made a joke of the Fed's balance sheet and, more critically, a joke of every so called regulatory body lording over the trans-Atlantic banking system straight up to the U.S. Justice Department. So long as this hapless bunch of misanthropes finds witting dupes who would sooner cede power to a foreign enemy than act to bury it along with garbage it peddles in a cause destroying the physical and financial economy of the United States, we are left waiting with baited breath for the next moment when some new theft sends hot money scurrying to the trans-Atlantic banking system's core, that the setup leading to hyperinflationary hell be secured...

What has the euro-zone done to take the heat off its 3x more insolvent banking system since its near death experience in 2011, such that support for the trans-Atlantic banking system's core currency, the U.S. dollar, could be marshaled? Trotted out a fascist proclaiming he will do "whatever it takes" to support the euro-zone's insolvent garbage over which his agency lords? Or has the ECB sold a truckload of gold to the same Venetian masters as own the Fed, who in turn have deployed this capital into their offshore derivatives jungle and coaxed the Fed to hyperinflate its balance sheet, effectively leveraging looted European booty?

One of two U.S. lenders of last resort—the Federal Reserve—no doubt is desperately trapped in a paradigm whose sole purpose is to consume both it and the U.S. Treasury. Still, both remain part in sustaining a deceptive ruse propping up core currencies, and this positively requires tangible loot. This in fact has been the dynamic underlying the trans-Atlantic banking system's parasitic growth ever since August 15, 1971. Granted, only since 2008 has it become abundantly clear to anyone with a functioning brain cell that looting simply is the way by which today's grossly leveraged dollar reserve system is sustained. Yet looting has been the way of it all along in fact. Everything we need know about the dismantling of the U.S. physical economy over the past forty years is wrapped up in a looting dynamic otherwise opening a trap made to swallow the United States and, more critically, destroy its political manifestation as a constitutional republic.

Granted, a solid majority of ill-informed lemmings probably consider this a paranoid conspiracy theory. Yet these also believe in peak oil when the world is swimming in the stuff. These think oil cartels set the price for crude. These imagine Saudi Arabia and Israel sovereign states, rather than Venetian pawns propped up by the West, albeit much more nicely dressed than the Western backed, nomadic gang the average lemming knows as al Qaeda.

As there is only so much gold available to be sold in order to extend overtime in a game propping up a hopelessly insolvent banking system, that the United States, now stripped of means to peacefully promote abundance, domestically and among all nations, will continue swallowing sleeping pills until its heart finally stops beating, positively requires tribute—loot—needed to sustain irrational hope in the viability of a perfectly unsustainable arrangement whose ultimate purpose is, and always has been, coaxing the United States into committing suicide. That is why we might be fairly confident in probability some kind of manufactured crisis negatively affecting energy markets likely is near transpiring. The path of least resistance to seizing loot the trans-Atlantic banking system positively requires to sustain the illusion of its solvency oddly enough finds circumstance in some ways similar to that in 1973, when the famous OPEC oil embargo doubled energy prices.

We might imagine militant gangs among Saudi nationals are being groomed for the greater purpose of raining chaos and destruction down on the kingdom. The Syrian proving ground, where new cadres of CIA's Arab Foreign Legion are being trained, might be a springboard from which the megalomania of fundamentalist emirs and other assorted bearded Frankensteins finds greener pastures in Saudi Arabia's oil-rich dunes. Recent recriminations of the supposed Saudi role in 9/11 (who gave Bandar the nuclear launch code?!) combined with the sudden reversal of the West's position toward Saudi Arabia's ideological enemy, Iran, rather suggest intrigue threatening grave crisis in the Venetian controlled feudal monarchy of Saudi Arabia might be in store.

The point of presenting the above chart of the U.S. dollar index simply is that, once energy market looting begins, the likes of which the trans-Atlantic banking system positively requires in fact, the dollar's relative performance to the S&P 500 (see bottom panel) likely will signal the beginning of a steep turn lower in the U.S. stock market. Dollar support, albeit through looting, allows Fed Confetti to continue spewing, which action, however, eventually will serve to coax the second leg of lender of last resort support—the U.S. Treasury—still deeper into the grinder, setting up the nation to be forever destroyed sometime soon afterward.

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