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Friday, October 14, 2011

Right Back At Ya

Call me an overly imaginative paranoid, but this week's volume appears to be sending a message...


FU too, Team Fraud! What is this early-July? Or has Columbus pirated the booty?

Hey, how's all that hot money feeling about the sudden, growing dissent taking to the streets? Could the fear of litigation risk be more powerfully confirmed a legitimate concern? In another case of bad timing this month ... suddenly, imagination fails me.

But seriously folks: "Prices can fall of their own weight, but it takes buying to put them up."

Buying time is the exercise here, and this will not do. August was this truth's first statement following two-and-a-half years buying time straight to the precipice of either hyperinflationary blowout or deflationary collapse. There simply is no middle ground, as streets ready to explode amply demonstrate.

So, with this reasonable context in mind let's see if the right group of cows were milked this week...

NYSE 15-min
NASDAQ 15-min

Look who suddenly is leading the charge after lagging off bottom: The Chip Dillers of Y2k chasing tech dreams on NASDAQ. Right on cue.

And, yes, you may have another. Right after the likely excitement Monday morning pressing the CME grease for a run at a buy-side extreme fitting a moment just prior a ruinous collapse. Were this outcome unlikely, then it's unlikely eight days and an hour would bring a monstrous 15% gain amidst a sea of negative developments that would better be used driving the market lower by those apparently cocksure good news awaits.

No! The market is sick. Since July have been the body convulsions forecasting the coming puke. Should October finish an outside month closing to the downside, look out.

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