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Friday, October 28, 2011

Trade War in the Electronic Age

Here at the dawn of the inescapable demise of core "assets" accumulated during the build out of Adam Smith's Leveraged Ponzi Scheme — an era in which its principle promoter exercised a bit of "CYA" in citing the risk of "irrational exuberance," a risk whose consequence, in fact, presently is being born out in spades — we arrive at a critical moment where rapidly developing is likely to be a scramble to deal with systemic risk heightened by this week's so-called "solution" to euro-zone indebtedness whose largely unspoken effect serves to smash the Holy Grail of Hyperinflationary Bailout (namely, avoiding write downs of core debt securities).

It's bad enough Team Fraud could not buy time enough to somehow reverse July's agreed upon, 21% haircut of Greek sovereign debt with their alternate plan to lever up the EFSF to the "Geithner Minimum." Indeed, to make matters worse following the snub European oligarchs gave their American counterparts whose bought-and-paid-for Treasury Secretary was rudely shown the door during his intervention at a meeting of EU finance ministers a few weeks back while attempting to win support for his plan (an act plainly revealing the depth of panic being felt by junior partners on this side of the Atlantic), the real pigs of the EMU have moved to hasten a chaotic unraveling of the trans-Atlantic banking system with agreement to slash Greek sovereign debt by 50%. That Eurogarchs clearly graduated summa cum-laude from the Alan Greenspan School of CYA with a degree in Deception is revealed by effort made to abide the ruse that, the write down of Greek debt is not a "credit event," while at the same time promoting the lie that, their "solution" addresses solvency problems threatening the European banking system. The furor this action is likely to create, and so precipitate chaos-creating counteractions, offers cover to hide the fact that, by ushering in an era of core asset write downs Eurofascists are aiming to bring down the United States Treasury whose "plan" to buy time was given news this week that, time has expired.

So, the race to pillage banking systems on both sides of the Atlantic is on. As a result, then, expect a pickup in clamoring inside the U.S. calling for legislation allowing corporations to repatriate foreign earnings tax free. Were such a bill to pass, the euro-zone's banking system could collapse instantly. Have no doubt: an electronic age dominated by financial chicanery passing for "economy" makes for trade war at the speed of light.


If a nasty downturn like that depicted above comes to pass early next week — indeed, even gets underway as soon as Monday — well, now you know what probably is behind such an unexpected shock. The world at large will be surprised. You, on the other hand, will not.

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