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Friday, October 21, 2011

Open Season: The Short and Not So Sweet

With time running out on insolvent fee junkies throughout the trans-Atlantic currently pinning all hope of remaining going concerns on another tranche of hyperinflationary bailout of euro-zone victims of Adam Smith's Leveraged Ponzi Scheme, it appears voracious capital needs not about to be met via swindle of European taxpayers are ready to be satisfied hitting up the stock market...


Weak hands' burgeoning portfolios of wildly overvalued equities, well-hedged(?) with put options — venturing to put a floor under any pending market decline — apparently were supplemented today with hedged shorts positioned to become capital fonts as approaching EMU failure to meet "the Geithner Minimum" becomes a cause célèbre for toilet papering Wall Street.

This just in from North Africa: when a dictator recently coddled is terminated without judicial proceeding, it's open season for blood in the streets.

That for now is the short and not so sweet of it here at the intersection of Desperation Drive and Redrum Road...

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