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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around

Same test, different day....

SPX 5-min

... And in volatility's pickup another RSI divergence. We see the type of excited trade typical of weak moments. Looks like she's going down.

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Anonymous said...

Sad... I go away for a week and nothing but the same old tired posts.

Hey Chicken Little (or was it the boy who cried wolf?) - I think your tin-foil hat might be covering your eyes...There won't be a crash this year (despite those beautiful arrows you keep drawing on the right edge of your charts).

Despite your careful Elliot Wave "Analysis" of the last __ months you are wrong! I might be able to stomach this type of "analysis" if it wasn't delivered with so much verbose pomposity.

In Short: Don't quit your day job.

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