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Friday, September 12, 2008

What of Financial Hurricane is Deception?

Why is not 1/100th of the attention being given financials directed to the auto industry? Or to the collapse of manufacturing in the U.S? Or on "build, build, build" (as in refining capacity ... or the hydrogen economy), rather than "drill, drill, drill?"

In a word: LEVERAGE. The grotesque kind ... operating with the mantra "Inflate or Die" in the church of the free market ... kept alive on a respirator, exporting natural resources.

Welcome to Tory Adventure Land, kids. Regulation, shmegulation. Oversight, shmoversight. Pay no attention to the nation's physical collapse! But watch that Treasury Secretary in action...

So, since "the man" wishes we think political, what might be disguised ... er, uh, I mean naturally unleashed ... in the wake of Ike? An old friend raised this thought tonight. Imagine a good old fright ... something to set the political agenda. Crazy, I know! Sort of like planes going into buildings.

You would have to be asleep not to think we live in interesting times, I believe.

By the way, particularly since LTCM in 1998 ... whenever the feds have entered the picture, center stage ... a bottom in the stock market was nearly at hand.

I just read tens of thousands of Texans in the direct path of Hurricane Ike refused a mandatory evacuation order. Could this be a parody on a presidency in the making?

(To be continued...)

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