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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paulson Performing Pavlovian Experiment At Cliff Edge

Bottom to the S&P 100's decline since 8.11.08 apparently is in. Some might be greatly relieved by this, but their joy could be fleeting. Whatever scheme government authorities cook up, chances have grown astronomically complacency — something, indeed, bordering on euphoria — soon might be crushed like a bug at a picnic.

The panic in Washington D.C. is quite startling. Yet, judging by the faces, Paulson's dogs gave little hint of salivating at the prospect of a treat served up in the form of a federal revitalization project targeting Hank's old neighborhood. Congressional leaders appeared none too thrilled with Pinky, the monetarist monkey, and his sidekick Benny.

Friends, this thing could turn ugly fast ... even if everyone lives and the election goes off without a hitch.


Judging by the huge, positive bid on overnight index futures, today's big "outside day" might just turn into a massive "outside week." This might bode well for a move up to the 200-day moving average possibly by next week ... and bring us right to the edge of disaster much sooner than I thought likely ... even as recently as yesterday.

Failing to legislate confidence — failing to address the true cause of growing financial turmoil: an economic breakdown crisis — and coming on the heals of this week's stunning moves to the exits, something precipitating a selling avalanche might be days from bursting onto the scene.


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Greg said...

Tom, You've hit the nail on the head. Greenspan only thought he had seen irrational exuberance!

SDMikeV said...


Great commentary as always. Any thoughts on a good short entry point for UYG? I nibbled very cautiously at 23. SKF looks like a disaster, so I'm not touching that, but I simply can't believe that this bandaid really changes anything in the long term outlook for the financials.


TC said...


I concur. The most fundamental fact we have to consider is the crisis of confidence in credit markets runs deeper than paper made worthless by an inability to further inflate the real estate market. Contrary to pronouncements made by our monetarist monkey Treasury Secretary, housing deflation is a symptom, not a cause. We are dealing with an economic breakdown crisis here. This involves matters of real economic wealth generation capacity versus financial claims leveraged atop this. Thus, Pinky's attempt at turning Treasury into a hedge fund, further leveraging a collapsing economic capacity to generate real, tangible, physical, productivity-enhancing wealth ultimately is doomed to fail. This is true even if Treasury takes on MBS (and god knows what else) at a deep discount. Without growing capacity to service debt making for leverage, it does not matter whether Treasury or the private sector holds financial claims that CANNOT BE PAID. On this count, watch the exchange rate value of the dollar for signs "the market" concurs with my thinking here.

Per UYG, $25 looks to be current resistance. So, I might be inclined to add to short position as price rises to this level, and set a very tight stop ($25.51?). However, I would be cautious with this position because the broad market might have a good bit further to rally. So, looking at this UYG short position as a trade, I would be targeting $19-20 as an exit point.

Obviously, the present situation is rather fluid. At any given moment something could develop leading financials to crater. Contrarily, the ban on shorting financials might distort the performance of UYG. As such, then, consider this view of mine subject to changing.

SDMikeV said...

Thanks, Tom-

That pretty well confirms my reading of the current situation. Each time I think the outer limits of "free" market manipulation have been reached, we get another move like this. What is truly worrying is the dramatically increased frequency of the interventions. We went months between BS and the 1st SEC naked short ban (Admittedly with all kinds of "liquidity injections" along the way). Then a few more months to Fannie and Freddie. Then a week to LEH and BAC-MER. The 2 days to AIG. And another two days to this. At this point, I'd love a weekend where my biggest worry is wondering about what new way the Chargers can find to lose a game in the last minute. Sadly, I don't think that's in the cards for at least a while longer.

Thanks again for the great work on your blog. Take care.

Anonymous said...

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