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Monday, November 07, 2011

J. Edgar Serving a Presidency Courting a Police State

With Europe running short of vulnerable prime ministers whom to target in an effort to mask an insolvent trans-Atlantic banking system, we are of late finding "leaders" propped up by a soon to be bankrupt 1% performing their best Al Capone, fingering popular bogies of the far-right, the likes whose very place on the world stage generally has been cultivated over decades precisely for moments like these: prospectively requiring some geo-political crisis be detonated, that the legitimacy of today's otherwise compromised powers somehow be sustained, if not extended.

Yet notwithstanding a unanimously uncritical media in such intrigues as these, no shortage of well-informed souls correctly question the voracity of any of these so-called "threats" which today saturate tough talk insinuating a near-term escalation of war. In fact, according to more rational, dispassionate voices MF Global's missing millions are more likely to be found in the bunker where Saddam spent his final hours a free man than the world be imminently facing some grave danger necessitating a further extension of military action led by the United States.

So, given the present moment's reality in truth at the precipice of financial collapse, one is given to consider prospective paths of least resistance venturing to silence critics of an escalating drive to expand war waged by a coalition of the [bankrupt] willing. Now, roll your eyes in disbelief at the suggestion this might require some manufactured act of terror — provoked: a proven threat, indeed, is a defeated element in Libya with whom the U.S. in fact shares a mutual "friend" in Great Britain — yet consider this very likelihood in light of a most extraordinary event scheduled for this Wednesday...
"You’ve seen those famous bars and high-pitched beep of the Emergency Broadcast System on different channels from time to time but the government has decided for the first time in the history of EVER to shut down all TV and radio at the same time to test its new emergency alert system.

"What’s worse, is that, unlike the other periodic tests, they are NOT PLANNING TO TELL YOU IT’S A TEST."

Don't Panic! We're Just Going to Hit the Button for a Second (CNBC, 11/7/2011)

The timing of this unprecedented "test" is just mind boggling. That is why I suggest you listen to an interview University of Illinois law professor Francis Boyle gave on May 1, 2010, discussing the October 2001 anthrax attack. Intrigues of a truly historic sort have a much elevated probability these days, it seems.

Again, the goal in the grand scheme appears a police state called "governance." Can the current day's chaotic circumstance be reasonably judged as anything other than intending this end?

(POP QUIZ: Who's on board?)

Consider, too, the timing of the movie "J. Edgar," likewise hitting theaters on Wednesday. Directed by Clint Eastwood ... "Dirty Harry" ... shoots if a villain is "guilty," no trial necessary. Remind you of anyone eminently impeachable were Congress not proven eunuchs by the dishonorable JSC?

(I know, the coincidence is just "crazy.")


From wave (1) bottom late-August an Elliott a-b-c corrective wave unfolded in a manner whose progression moved from "complex" to "simple" (this progression being one manner in which the Elliott Wave Principle's "alternation guideline" is manifest). There seems plenty of reason to suspect a furthering of this progression might proceed as depicted above.

No shortage of vulnerabilities at fantasy land's front, where 100% bonafide insolvent sovereigns are against the wall, while "the market" plays firing squad. Far be it to think good monetarist doctors the world over will not rush in to save a soon to be gravely wounded patient, whose deteriorating health at present is overwhelming Dr. ECB.

In other words, the moment appears ripe for a renewed bump in volatility. So, the above view seems a credible, near-term possibility.

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