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Thursday, November 17, 2011

#N17: No Cost Too Great For Police State

Having spent the day watching via live stream #N17, the Occupy Wall Street two month anniversary gala of dissent, here is my two cents on this movement's effectiveness. First and foremost, fair assessment cannot be made overlooking the movement's objective: providing a horizontal means of including and presenting many voices possessing credible, dialog-worthy grievances. It is for this organizational aspect, in and of itself, that the Occupy Movement is rather an effective demonstration, being wrapped in a certain humility: a quality sorely lacking in the American experience these days.

The theme of today's anniversary action was, "Resist Austerity, Reclaim the Economy, Recreate our Democracy." Were it my idea, the cause rather would turn on, "Reverse Austerity, Resurrect the Economy, Restore our Republic." Much splitting of hairs at first glance, maybe, or better a necessary call to optimism? For the moment we're close enough to agree on the necessity of all these intentions.

So what if the movement might not be foremost driven to forward a positive policy agenda to accomplish its end! The mere focus on qualified objects of concern — austerity, economy, representation in government — is the voice wherein if the Occupy Movement did not say it the very stones would shout out.

Truly, it is well enough dissent of several flavors finds occasion to be directed toward a most worthy target: the Wall Street - Washington axis of Fraud. Thus, OWS is proving an effective means of confirming both a problem that, orders of magnitude more souls than are on the streets agree needs fixing, as well as the fact its time has come.

Humility might be seen conceding to not having certain solutions satisfying to all those whose will it is to actively protest. Yet who cannot be but an admirer for the very fact a harmonious dissent among millions of others — righteous and proper — is likewise being raised by those who today are taking to the streets? Are not some thousands of these millions in fine position to catch the courage bug and do what must be done, that countless grievances might then move closer to gaining proper redress?

Yes, of course, and so much more likely were today's Occupy Movement to remain orderly and non-violent in continuing to raise a common voice of dissent.

So, then, what is going on with excessive shows of police force across many cities in the U.S. where the Occupy Movement has taken root, including today in New York City?

What kind of financially struggling municipality pisses away countless millions of taxpayer dollars while quite evidently attempting to incite violence through strong-handed police actions deployed through an overwhelming force?

In truth the kind run by incompetent cowards, whose very patriotism should be called to the carpet. Were these not spineless, maybe worth a taxpayer's dime, but a minimal force needed to maintain order would be sent, while resoundingly heard from a mayor would be much whining to state and federal officials about a precarious social situation whose cause rightly is laid at every governing body's doorstep where concern for the general Welfare has for decades found finance wanting. Incompetent by stupidity: how many recently sacrificed public servants now are incited to dissent, with massive showings of police force revealing considerable cost suddenly finding revenue to meet it?

When you're building a fascist police state, history has shown cowards the favored political liaison. Just another grave, republic-threatening concern the Occupy Movement is exposing to great effect.

Since Mayor Bloomberg brought up the subject of fascist police states, how about that Greece. This filthy imposition, the eminently impeachable condones? Is this how an American President should posture the nation politically as the banking system implodes? To say it is corrupt misses the mark. Misused power — wasted — is cowardice of the worst sort.

Dissent thus would find its most worthy objective were Occupy to make haste and spark solidarity to "Seize Congress: Throw Obama Under the Bus at Constitution & Main."

So ends my two cents...

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