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Friday, January 28, 2011

This Day in History: The Tomb of QE Discovered

We take you to "Redbud" ... the par 3 16th here at Augusta:

2011 Master's Tournament Cinderella story, TC Waveman, has sized up the 170 yards to the pin and is ready for his tee shot. (Camera cuts to view the entire hole...)

$NYAD(Published Tuesday, 1/25/2011)

[Quiet please]

Swish! Now, there's a shot that should hold up nicely with the weak wind we have today. (Camera follows ball in the air, then cuts to the green, where the crowd raises a cheer as the ball hits its mark and begins rolling toward the pin...)

[Someone shouts "Get in the hole!"]



It's in the hole! It's in the hole! A hole-in-one here at the 16th at Augusta! Oh my. It's game on for TC Waveman, hitting his rising wedge straight into the cup of wave b of 5.

This is to say that, "Deterioration Measuring a Countdown to Doom" was aiming exactly at the mark reached today. So, the countdown continues.

Technically, today's deterioration should be the worst of it, as further levitation is likely to develop while a "rising wedge" off late-June 2010 bottom moves toward its completion. Only some small number of days likely remain, though, before doom descends on the market. Over the interim noise coming from growing cracks in the floor might momentarily subside, only to suddenly become deafening.

What I can't figure out is, if over many decades you had built up a massive debt bubble atop an energy complex into which your tentacles were sunk deep, then why would you risk destabilizing the Middle East?

I'm being facetious. Yet supposing that, not soon forthcoming will be leadership proposing some massive development project in the region jointly financed via credit mutually uttered by sovereign national banks, the question's answer becomes daunting, seeing the Middle East prospectively a detonator exploding fragile support presently sustaining a trans-Atlantic financial system whose insolvency has only grown more apparent over these many months that, the stock market's levitation has been maintained.

Decades of disinvestment in physical economy could be meeting a vulnerability whose exposure, indeed, threatens to bring the world to its knees. Yet might not such "sacrifice" as alone has any prayer of extending the present, bankrupt arrangement be meeting one way in which it might be massively imposed (with gasoline @ $10, $25, $100 per gallon) ... as, indeed, is abundantly and urgently necessary now that central banks can no longer hyperinflate without precipitating massive, spontaneous, social upheaval?

How ironic that, the tomb of QE should be discovered in Egypt...

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