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Monday, January 24, 2011

Moscow Bombing: An Act of Terror or War?

Well (as Ronald Reagan once began)...

Could it be that, an element in Russia is joining an element in Ireland in sharing deep resentment toward a constellation that aims to relegate each sovereign (as well as others) prostrate to their [hopelessly bankrupt] multi-national, public-private partnership? This was a wonder after reading, "Bombing at Moscow Airport Called Terrorist Attack."

Curiously enough...
"Medvedev canceled plans to travel Tuesday to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he aimed to promote Russia as a profitable investment haven to world business leaders."

Davos: where public-private partnerships put on a smiling face.

Another interesting fact about today's attack...
"Domodedovo was briefly closed to air traffic immediately after the blast, but soon reopened."

Apparently there was no need to worry about co-conspirators (nor even presenting appearances of such concern).
"At least 35 people were killed, including two British travelers."

One wonders who these two Brits were. Friends of a friend of Medvedev?

If "terror" over Russians was the objective, then why was the international arrivals terminal targeted? (The article's title, itself, is rather curiously worded.)

Could it be that, with the "B" in BRIC badly faltering, the "R" finds nothing to gain (and everything to lose) in the growing void between "investor" demands and its sovereign interests?

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cw5646 said...

such a awful shame to kill innocent people ..people who are mothers, fathers, children....

for what to make a potilical point?



TC said...

Instinctively, such an act rightly is thought as nothing but a barbaric tragedy. Yet intellectually such an act probably more pertinently reflects the weakened state of the intended victim. The question in this instance is who might that be?