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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

30,000 Reasons U.S. Treasury is Virtually Assured Destruction

Considering the increasing risk of insolvency of liabilities totaling in the hundreds of trillions of dollars and wondering why this growing threat has been addressed only in piecemeal fashion (i.e. via pathetically inadequate "bailouts," etc.), a most credible reason one can adduce to explain this is that a larger, more hidden intention ventures to compromise and/or destroy those very institutions whose functioning might otherwise be up to the task at hand were the concerned governing bodies, themselves, not so culpable in creating the present, frightful mess, as well as perpetuating such material weakness as presently consumes the financial system.

One only need consider the extraordinary, defensive postures of both Treasury and the Fed to conclude that, divisive attitudes existing among diverse layers of American (and global) society toward both these governing bodies, indeed, have been purposely cultivated to the end of further assuring the ultimate failure of these agencies to deal with such escalating vulnerabilities as threaten to cascade into a calamity of incalculable proportions. Again, it does not take great imagination to suppose such a state of things is, in fact, intended.

Personalities at the helm of today's core governing bodies, indeed, are bounded by rules of engagement that, presently are so stacked against success it is, in fact, incredible the likes stay on the job and defend the viability of their efforts to stave off collapse. Such is the nature of vanity I guess. Yet by institutional leadership's awful lack of ability to act on such higher principle as otherwise allows setting a course outside arbitrarily established bounds, conditions conducive to gross manipulation and chaos effectively have become status quo. This was the lesson delivered in 2008 whose relevance today only has grown more acute.

As such do clear-thinking minds view half-baked schemes for waging war against a known enemy. The simple fact of the matter surrounding the war on terror is an engagement strategy whose foremost intention is a swift and decisive victory is not now being promoted, nor has it ever been. Rather, stalemate at astronomical cost instead is being served up. Such are the rules of a game being run by private interests, the likes of whom, like the Financial Times, fervently back our taller, tanner Herbert Hoover.

Thus, too, a mere 30,000 added soldiers astronomically increases risk the U.S. Treasury one day defaults on its burgeoning debt, because protracted war (whose outcome virtually is guaranteed) promises such great expense as the United States can ill-afford at a time when so much of the nation's financing relies upon the continued kindness of strangers. The President's Afghanistan policy, in fact, is incompetent, as is any military leader who advises it. Yet, failure in truth arguably is intended, so as to hasten the very same objective as an inept Treasury Secretary and an incompetent Federal Reserve Chairman similarly serve: the willful bankrupting of a once great nation by seemingly able bodies whose very actions otherwise demonstrate a tragic blindness to the magnitude of the danger at hand.

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