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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Slave System Blockade on Free Market Make Believe

In viewing the market's performance in the aftermath of the 2008 collapse the further away we move from hopelessly insolvent albatrosses, the more extended is the Confetti-fed advance. Yet today's lift in fact benefited the creme of the junk most, as these evidently offer more unrealized "value." With the mechanical exercise inspired by the criminally incompetent academic leading the Fed being assumed an immutable constant, the task of picking the migration path of objects of momentary affection has become the distorted business of investing. A moribund physical reality bringing Pavlovian response in anticipation of more Fed juice is offered explanation to an advance lifting the walking dead most.

Yet it remains a fact these walking dead need increasing physical sacrifice—slavery to their life sucking, bankrupt paradigm—if a confidence vanquished fate condemning these walking dead to falling of their own weight is to be indefinitely avoided. Today's stunning failure of the European Union to draw the Ukraine into its insolvent concentration camp is a big problem for the walking dead and those who feed on fantasies breathing life into these Frankensteins. Yet to the insolvent core here known as the London-New York Axis of Fraud this rather unexpected turn of affairs sending Ukraine more firmly into Russia's economic camp might offer psychological cover for squeezing the euro-zone in support of otherwise massively debased currencies at the heart of the trans-Atlantic banking system (the dollar and the pound), momentarily easing pressure on core sovereign credit securities lately increasing through their sale by drowning emerging markets twisting in the wind as a result of ebbs in hot [funny] money flows seeking "value," or shall we say its illusion, elsewhere.

We might also consider here how today's reversal of any prospect for extending the Axis of Fraud's slave system deeper into the heart of Asia could be used to foment war with Russia, which eventuality will be utterly necessary for today's slave system to soldier on indefinitely. Yet as we see Axis of Fraud geopolitical intrigues increasingly being challenged over recent months, today's turn of affairs might be better regarded another war avoidance measure successfully won by Putin's Russia.

Which leads us back to hopelessly insolvent albatrosses and the mechanics of feigning recovery. We might recall that, back in '08 these reckless masters of zero due diligence were, as a broad group, the last to suffer chaotic collapse in the scramble for capital subsequent to the last drop being squeezed from lender of last resort implicit guarantees feeding Adam Smith's Leveraged Ponzi Scheme. Subsequently, the implicit guarantee became explicit and here we are with a central bank in a race to become equally insolvent, if not more so, than those reckless masters of zero due diligence former Fed Chairman King Ponzi Greenspan for years rationalized were more intelligently being regulated in a marketplace where risk mitigation was brilliantly facilitated through the employment of derivatives. Should these lagging, hopelessly insolvent albatrosses, as a broad group, over the coming period come under inordinate pressure, relatively speaking, we might know then that, surely, it is game over, at least this present manifestation of a slave system perpetuated under the rubric of free market make believe. However, should one or two select marks come under attack, a la Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, then we might better expect make believe double overtime once the dust has settled from what very well could be an imminent catharsis precipitated by today's slave system blockade put up by Russia.

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