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Monday, November 18, 2013

Juice Running Dry

Whether Team [Insolvent] Fraud has it in them to forestall for some days further the taste of hell come due, and levitate its 21st century's supply of garbage at the bottom of the capital structure a bit higher before shoving it down Citigroup's, or Bank of America's, or Wells Fargo's, or Morgan Stanley's, or Goldman Sach's, or JP Morgan Chase's throat—take your pick, as each and every one of these bankrupt thieves is more than ready to be destroyed, picked apart and consolidated—the fact of the matter is crazy juice lifting trash over the course of this year's trading is running dry, and propensity to skim capital needed higher up in the Ponzi-fied capital structure to plug credit market holes, such as already has been displayed over the summer, likely will soon intensify, no matter if today's turn south was the start of it, or just a shot across the bow.

And there we see it all: a desperate levitation, a summer skim, and juice running dry. Bankrupt whores better rev up their war machine, because certain in-the-know, deep state assets might be thinking long and hard about bringing to market whatever treasured trinkets they have been compensated with for their part in a job well done animating fundamentalist cannibals the world over. Speaking of which, might these controllers be that unforeseen detonator of financial implosion many observers have been anticipating ever since Europe's putrid banking system, driven into insolvency by the London-New York Axis of Fraud peddling its AAA-rated fool's gold, moved into the spotlight in the aftermath of 2008's seizure suffered by Adam Smith's Leveraged Ponzi Scheme? This seems a distinct possibility to be sure. Trouble is, though, we probably will never know the truth, as such likes being masters of disguise in all probability have an escape plan filled with patsies ripe for the fall. There should be little doubt, too, these yet known objects of disdain, ready to take the blame for a hopelessly insolvent banking system's upcoming, chaotic unraveling, very well could provide the fuel for a war machine aiming to destroy, once and for all, the U.S. Treasury.

The U.S. Senate had better come to its senses and send Queen Confetti packing, as it is a fact that, just as the fate of the U.S. Treasury hangs in the balance, so too their diplomatic careers if a Hamiltonian is not made the next Fed chairperson. Only such a thoughtful proponent of the American System of Political Economy will offer the means by which Wall Street could be saved in spite of itself.

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