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Monday, September 09, 2013

Let The Shark Feeding Frenzy Begin!

Well and good is but another day marking up garbage amidst fading demand, yet bankrupt titans of tyranny facing stiff resistance to efforts to juice assets underlying a war machine are likely soon to remove their peace-loving masks feigning relief a growing threat of conflagration appears to be abating, and move to stir embers of hate, such as make the war they so obviously and desperately need but more likely at some point in the not too distant future.

For the moment we might assume false flags will fail capacity to sell snow cones to Eskimos in December. The deep state's alliance with al Qaeda in Syria is proving a big, big mistake. A captive, oh so penetrating media claiming resistance to yet another war in the Middle East is born of concern over money burned these past thirteen years waging war against a phantom enemy is but disinformation, because the truth of the nation's and the world's general objection to waging war against Syria runs much, much deeper than concerns over money, as central banks can create this at will in the bat of an eye, and even this capacity is proving problematic in the face of shrieks demanding Congress "Seize the Fed!" The problem is that, too many now are seeing very clearly the deep state's face. Indeed, out of sheer desperation these scoundrels have shown it so frequently over recent years only cowards could miss its ugliness, or at least so claim, coming from the very same place, time and time again. That place is where billions upon billions upon billions upon billions are spent on so-called defense and intelligence, only for the purchased goods to prove a shameful national disgrace—yet another form of "investment" Team Fraud positively loves: the kind that comes up lemons.

As if persistently fading volume of claims exchanged at the bottom rung of the capital structure were not objective evidence that, today, the deep state's Fraud Unit faces a severe shortage of suckers whom to con! Folks, we have reached the point where sharks who swim in the ocean of deceit buffeting the shores of the United States of Make Work and Money Grab must voraciously eat each other, because their consumption is all that's left to credibly sell to snow cone sucking Eskimos, most of whom are just plain cowards, but whose added frailty of being downright intellectually lazy makes for engendering hatred leading to that desperately desired war the deep state's imperial, Venetian moneybags likely have had on the back burner since FDR took his last breath. God willing, this newfangled internet thingie will survive extraordinary intrigues likely about to bedevil our world, because the mainstream's disinformation funnel positively is crippled by it. Yet we might look for the internet to become an increasing target to be sure. Consider Snowden a form of soft sell to the same target audience whose hatred he has helped kindle. The hard sell could take the internet away, placing blame on China ... Russia ... Iran ... the Syrian Electronic Army (gag!).

We haven't heard much from Europe of late. That could be about to change. The genesis of hatred to be elevated will be conceived in the womb of chaos. Let the shark feeding frenzy begin!

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