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Monday, September 30, 2013

All Questions Point to London

What to say about the Washington charade consuming the airwaves of the financial media? Is it any wonder plunderers of the first order, unrivaled in history, go unpunished? How about the incompetent leading the Fed and his capacity to bamboozle the nation about "data" driving QE? Any wonder he has gone unchallenged?

Whoop. Wait a minute. That's right, Confetti is being forced into retirement. Now, who was leading the charge in the attack on the bubble and bust witch doctor whose policies are driving the Fed into the ground, let alone crushing the global economy (isn't that right, Mr. CRB)? Why it was the very same weak forces who, today, are acting to bring the U.S. federal government to its knees! Might we suppose there is some direct relationship between these two seemingly separate matters? Probably a better question is whether we would be just plain stupid not to assume an intimate connection links the two!

Is this all show aiming to prop up the U.S. dollar? Could Jamie Dimon's visit to the U.S. Justice Department late last week be a part of the act? Is London threatening to dump its substantial U.S. Treasury holdings, this to "discipline" the colonies, yet more likely to replace QE the U.K. supposedly no longer needs? Was Dimon a hostage put on display to warn London their fee junkie gets it if anything upsetting the hyperinflationary apple cart is in the works?

We're all waiting with baited breath for announcement of Confetti's replacement. It's becoming rather obvious the U.S. Treasury is increasingly being threatened. Little wonder Confetti said "Psych!" to tapering. Funny, the British pound has been on a terror. Meanwhile, there's only so much gold central banks can sell to prop up domestic currencies. But U.S. Treasuries? There's practically an infinite supply! And Dimon? His being sacrificed might just play straight into London's hands! Am I moving too fast for y'all?

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