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Friday, September 27, 2013

Egyptian Contagion Checked in Greece

Should we be surprised Saturday's demonstration in Athens, Greece organized by Greek Special Forces Reservists (KEED) has been banned by the Greek government? This occurs amidst ongoing attempts to associate with the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party KEED's call for the current Greek coalition government to step down. Just another Team Fraud ruse run through an oh so penetrating media at the apex of today's information pyramid. This ban against a provocative demonstration organized by a formidable military force whose recent, past actions rained public disdain on German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a state visit to Greece rather shows dictatorial rule throughout the EMU from its core to its periphery. What is to fear in this military group's bid to remove Greek fascists currently in power seems obvious enough. It is Egyptian contagion crossing the Mediterranean and collapsing control over desperate, marginalized states where the fruits of globalization are so rotten there's simply no choice but bury them. The trend toward republican revolution in Europe rather appears a fait accompli. The only question is how bloody must this be.

Obviously, Greece need not be thrown into civil war. Were the United States to come to its senses and exercise exceptionalism in truth and deed, the risk of bloody civil war could be quickly minimized. Surely, the momentary defeat of U.S. support for fundamentalist lunatics in Syria and a sudden, surprising cooling of tensions with Iran are positive developments bolstering this desirable end. The deal would be sealed were the likes of Webster Tarpley made the next Fed chairman.

Now, the fact is Venetian dupes embedded throughout the Federal Reserve system only raise to virtual certainty the likelihood a battle pitting American patriots against supra-national swindlers and their agents eventually will develop along the same lines as we are witnessing in Greece. We should have no illusions, either, about divided loyalties within the U.S. military being much the same as exist in Greece. Indeed, events at the Washington Navy Yard only a few days ago serve as poignant reminder of this fact. Divided loyalties among the U.S. military's officers corp has become apparent at many key moments tracing back to the founding of the American republic in fact, while intrigue surrounding 9/11 dramatically reveals the depth to which today's subversive elements among the U.S. military and intelligence services are capable of sinking.

And speaking of sinking, so now must confidence in capacity to impose "structural reforms" throughout the trans-Atlantic. While these provide momentary tribute to a bankrupt enterprise in which Wall Street is but a junior partner, seeds of chaos so vital to destroying sovereign nation states the world over more critically are sown. Of course, growing pushback against imperialism does not stop the Republican party's desire to fight its losing battle seeking delay of a much needed insurance "industry" subsidy provided by the Affordable Care Act. Yet we might consider internal division the Tea Party fringe cultivates at the peril of the Republican party's destruction fitting an intention to destroy the United States itself. Likewise does subsidy to the bankrupt enterprise that is Wall Street evidently appear a lesser priority at the present moment.

None of this gives pause to shepherds of garbage at the bottom of the capital structure, though. These remain oblivious to the attack the so-called party of business is mustering on behalf of a project plotting unimaginable devastation both in the public and private sectors.

Checking the technical state of the industry benchmark S&P 500, while its lingering levitation continues, its underpinnings but weaken further, thus supporting probability legs made of Confetti lifting the market higher are at risk of giving out. Still remaining positively poised, though, the Garbage Palooza crowd is kept frozen, ever more prime for the fleecing. These an insolvent Fed makes marks for a delusional enterprise kept afloat through fantasies more far-fetched than anything Disney could ever dream of.

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