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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Apparent Anti-Fascist Special Forces Threaten Greek Coup

Can you believe they're still talking about the Fed tapering its QE? Sorry, but this is idle chatter attempting to forestall the U.S. dollar's inevitable trip into the abyss, all things remaining as they are. Everyone knows now what should have been shouted two years ago: the Fed is trapped, as is every other central bank on the planet captive to the hopeless cause that is the trans-Atlantic banking system.

Big news out of Greece today, and the fact we heard nothing about this from our oh so penetrating free press likely makes it all the more vitally important. Now, we probably shouldn't go too far jumping to conclusions, but it appears that, finally—finally!—we are seeing a meaningful political challenge to the criminal enterprise that is the London-New York Axis of Fraud, the likes of whose prospective impact could be felt most immediately. There is a showdown building in Greece that is being forced by Special Forces Reservists calling for the overthrow of the current coalition government. Probably the most telling among their demands, how ever unlikely it is to become manifest, is the call for WWII war reparations from Germany. In other words, these Special Forces Reservists are not associating themselves with fascism, generally, and the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, specifically. This one item of their fifteen demands probably should be seen coloring the political nature of the Greek Special Forces Reservists who are challenging Greece's murderous status quo, and causing considerable concern throughout the sold out political establishment in Athens, let alone in London. Props Venice on the Thames gives Golden Dawn sure does speak volumes, though, in the run to become "parking lot of the world."

Again, we have to be careful about any assumptions we might make regarding this development, particularly as pertains to the truth of its political objectives. One thing is certain: the euro-zone should come under considerable pressure and this can only help the cause of the incompetent fascist academic leading the Fed right now who is venturing to hyperinflate private sector liabilities into a colossal mountain of sovereign debt dwarfing even today's. The timing of this affair following Germany's elections last Sunday and impending nomination of a new Fed Caesar nevertheless seems extraordinarily fortuitous and promising.

(For more of my views regarding this development, click the first article linked to above and check out the comments section.)

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