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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

State Department Talks Its Book

Evidently, not all the deep state's cannibals have gone off the reservation. Their publicist today issued a worldwide warning broadcasting the deep state's desperation, as if this were not already well established. One thing we might wonder here is whether this is aiming to manufacture a subterfuge whose appearances will point Russia's way. Remember Sandy Hook Elementary, the Russian Beslan? Then came the Boston Chechens. The busy bankrupt beavers have been building their case, in all likelihood winning hearts and minds within the intelligence community whose educational backgrounds attending the most prestigious U.S. schools have made way for professions fortified by a steady diet of slop processed to appear filet mignon. Oh those crafty Venetians!

Right about now we might imagine the internet is about to go kerflooey. How else will deception venturing world war be sustained? Then again, there's no sign yet of any inside knowledge of such possibility judging by the likes of AMZN and IACI, notwithstanding both having become volume starved pumps in a game of musical chairs nearing the last sucker sitting. These days, though, which listed issue on the trash pile at the bottom of the capital structure isn't?

While we're on the subject of dull minds with impeccable credentials, well-dressed jellyfish in Washington who can read the Constitution just fine, but who still struggle with the meaning of the 14th amendment, the likes of which clearly makes a U.S. Treasury default illegal, possibly were served a reminder today that, the billions upon billions upon billions upon billions this nation drops on its defense and intelligence is in fact money "well spent." Who are we to demure? Yet reasonably demand mole detectors be installed we must! How else could an Aaron Alexis whose background reads looney have been given security clearance to come anywhere within five miles of any government installation, were there not a serious mole problem within the U.S. intelligence community? We'll not hold our breath waiting for an oh so penetrating media to ask such an obvious question as this, however, knowing full well this is not the way to sell pornography.

We see here al Qaeda's options are in danger of moving out-of-the-money. This makes sense following on Sunday's apparition of the ghost of Venice's Austrian dog Adolph whose presence was seen in the smoke rising from the Russian embassy in Damascus after its shelling. Maybe, then, we are the wiser viewing today's State Department terror warning a credible assessment? Not likely. That effective regulation of the banking system is out the window infers the same fate bedevils the national security state. The two go hand in hand in fact for a supra-national imperial enterprise to subvert the American republic.

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