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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ruses and Reality

Do you think it is possible we are being subject to a ruse employing all the top shelf in Washington? The recent chatter from the president regarding a "bubble and bust economy," and before that, the bi-partisan "Confetti must go" consensus which quickly led to a "taper" worm infecting the Fed, all of which was just cast to the wind with Confetti saying, "Psych!"

You wanna bet the Capo is under the duress of a death threat?

It is a fact the Fed could easily meet its employment mandate were its leadership not in the hands of an incompetent academic whose policy in truth is fascist. Seen in a different light we could say this Fed chairman is rather well groomed to be easily intimidated, threatened and just plain used.

Which makes the likes easily thrown away, too. But a dead man walking? 

The "failed" drive to nominate Larry Summers in fact might be better seen a "success" whose purpose was to clear the way for a Janet Yellen who, indeed, rather appears a Confetti clone, yet who has been described in some circles as making Bernanke appear downright hawkish. The very thing hopelessly insolvent albatrosses need! Likewise would she thrill Venetian lunatics out to destroy the United States.

We should have no illusions. The United States finds itself on the gallows platform, about to stick its head in the noose, a la Wiemar Germany, circa 1921-1923. Yet we are not alone in this knowledge, either. Nor do we alone recognize this push for the most reckless monetarist imaginable simply must be stopped. There is but one place from which this could be organized and effectively acted upon. Here's a hint: these in fact forced Obama to go to Congress for authorization to attack Syria. These were, themselves, "attacked" on Monday.

The bi-partisan consensus to ditch the fascist academic at the Fed in all probability, then, is no ruse. It is the real deal and rather is showing Wall Street's money no longer is any good, at least not in places where considerable power is wielded, and neither votes nor money hold sway. In fact about the only place it appears any good is among a Garbage Palooza crowd with no choice, really, but buy the real ruse...

The imbalance of the market's advance off late-August bottom and the outright desperation holding tight the "precious jewels" is just off the charts. We have not seen anything like it since March 2009. What we have here technically is qualitatively worse than July 2011, as well. Like the BoE subterfuge, too, we can assume this is right on time for a euro-zone swindle, much like summer 2011, whose bullet train is about to reach the station.

So, suspecting there's real pressure demanding the Fed alter its course, and seeing how Team Fraud continues playing its cards, let's not go so far to think it is "game over" for imperialist tools. Not by a long shot. Yet "blood in the streets" literally, figuratively and increasingly appears a foregone conclusion, and straight away, too.

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