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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fed to Concede Race to Bottom Won by FBI?

It's probably just a coincidence that, Massachusetts Patriot Day 2013 brought the Boston Marathon intrigue, while on the day before the anniversary of the U.S. Constitution's ratification (September 17, 1787) we have the Washington Navy Yard massacre. Actually, the reek of Venice really is becoming overpowering, as September 16, 1620 was the date the Mayflower left England. Time to fire up those submarines!

Would Commander Jirus put the "grace of God" he suggests saved his life yesterday to a much bigger test and lead the fleet to the English Channel? That's a question any American worth their weight in red, white and blue should be barking at Congress, begging its inquest of the Navy commander seeking an answer. And where on this question are all the so-called "political action committees" and other assorted do gooders of the American political scene? We heard not a peep today! Are all Venetian intelligence fronts?

All but the ACLU apparently. They've delivered a most timely report titled, "Unleashed and Unaccountable: The FBI's Unchecked Abuse of Authority," released today on the anniversary of the U.S. Constitution's signing. Most commendable. Even more so if some ink is spent discussing the need for installing "mole detectors" at the FBI. We're concerned most about the Venetian variety.

Oh, let's not get carried away with an out-of-control national security apparatus intersecting a deep state on a global slaughter mission venturing World War when there are much "bigger" questions needing answer. Namely, will the Fed give up its chase to become equally as insolvent as those "banks" over which it lords? More fitting the moment, though, the question we might better ask is what are the odds this hopelessly insolvent Confetti Fed will attempt to tighten the screws on the U.S. Treasury tomorrow, and kick off the next round of imperial swindle?

Well, at the present moment those with no choice but swindle Treasury collectively find themselves in a rather precarious technical position. Which is to say Scam-a-Rama appears well poised for the feeding frenzy it seeks to devour its own, that the fittest fraudsters might rise to the increasingly difficult task of maintaining appearances of solvency.

Which is not to say the Garbage Palooza crowd has not already been amply warned...

Both camps have earned their names in spades to be sure! Plainly, no one has any confidence in what Confetti has done. Likewise, no one fears what's coming. Even if a deep state mushroom cloud were not pending, some virtual variety certainly is within the power of the American institution proven far more deadly than al Qaeda: the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Can we safely assume some among the Scam-a-Rama crowd collectively represented above are behind political pressure first demanding the Fed taper, then put Confetti out to pasture? As difficult as it might be to believe, we have no choice but. We might safely assume, too, Europe is in the crosshairs. Specifically, Spain and Italy, where American lovers of fascism have a history, while yesterday's act of terror against a branch of the U.S. military right down the road from Congress presents a bloody calling card suggesting a renewed drive toward fascist states does not hope to be stopped again in Europe...

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