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Monday, September 16, 2013

Oswaldian Deep State Taunts U.S. Navy

Looks like we are not alone thinking the United States should sail the nation's nuclear-armed submarine fleet to the English Channel and begin the debate over which European capital, London or Paris, ought be turned into a parking lot. In fact it rather appears we have an inside track here. Today's Orwellian slaughter at the Washington Navy Yard, not far from the U.S. Capital, quickly turned Oswaldian with the Patsy Protection Team selling the nation a perpetrator, now deceased, bonafide loony and "oddly" escaping scrutiny, whose sheep dipping thus made evident is shining like the sun in the aftermath of the FBI taking control of the investigation and whittling down its suspects list to this one "lone nut," thereby raising reasonable suspicion both the deep state, as well as its utter desperation were on full display today.

Beware the wounded beast. This simply must be today's takeaway. The Venetian enemy could be about to throw a big coming out party. Gas mask anyone?

By the way, how strange we have a dead suspect and reports of multiple gunmen. Just like Newtown.

Meanwhile the Scam-a-Rama Garbage Palooza celebrates Larry Slummers narrowing the list of hopefuls to lead the hopelessly insolvent Fed, bringing focus on yet another hopeless cause: the cleaved Capo Confetti clone, Yellen, whose elevated odds of being nominated Fed chair defy all reason behind Helicopter Ben's forced retirement. We might better assume, then, getting the nod could be a nominee more unfriendly to QE than evidently is Slummers.

The real question, though, is whether he or she will be a formidable Hamiltonian, as it now is common knowledge the U.S. Treasury is the target of the next swindle, well along in the making, paving the way for bankrupt, supra-national imperial interests (a.k.a. "universal banks") to further consolidate control over physical and financial assets. Fortunately, Tarpley has offered to serve as the next Fed chair, and his nomination we enthusiastically endorse in this new era of constitutional authority's sudden, surprising assertion (considerably irritating the deep state we can suppose, as today's Nazi murder spree rather vividly reveals).

Speaking of Nazis, we really ought not deceive ourselves and suppose what relative handful of thugs there are serving the deep state haven't the power to pull off something really, really big. We might better wonder what precursor event(s) similar to today's pointed to the famed Reichstag fire. Realistic, then, is an assessment of today's attack imagining it quite possibly whispering a hint of some nastier intention about to be set in motion.

So, again... Gas mask anyone?

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