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Friday, September 13, 2013

Real and False Flag Risks to The Venetian Brain

We might cite two sides of the long trade at the bottom of the capital structure. First is a Scam-a-Rama of frightfully trapped zombies whose business of deception is collapsing all around Syria, while rounding out the picture is a Garbage Palooza of suckers whose very mandate makes their business the means by which fools and their money are destined to be parted.

The former exploits a broken price discovery mechanism, and the latter buys the ruse, how ever increasingly slight is capacity to effectively manage exposure to rapidly increasing risk that, they, too, likewise become desperately trapped, were this not the case already. Yet failing a gaping trap's recognition, or believing eyes fixed on the exits will surely bring safe passage, the label "sucker" truly is well-earned.

Evidently, returns are so thin there's diminishing opportunity to churn portfolios without risking an avalanche. Thus can but a handful of issues be pumped and dumped at any given moment, while the far greater bulk of listed issues more or less are left twisting in the wind, still in the game, but more or less floundering, effectively lifeless, going nowhere, yet held onto like precious jewels.

Surely, a persistently diminishing volume of shares exchanged supports these conclusions, which telling condition evidently is becoming even more acute. Likewise does notably muted advancing issue participation over the course of this year's market advance reveal a dying financial asset class. Such failure of fear, then, to reduce exposure to risk, much as has allowed the sum total of listed issues to move higher in a climate otherwise revealing animal spirits still lying six feet under, presents sure sign of misplaced love—realistically, a "love" coerced by an intellectually incompetent and morally bankrupt Fed—whose end positively will bring bitter disappointment.

Now, we really must ask how is it that, the ease with which the Fed could meet its employment mandate so thoroughly escapes the imagination of so many well-educated people? How do hurricanes, tornadoes and floods whose impact has wiped out entire cities over recent years fail necessity, the mother of invention, wherein the Fed's credit creating facilities could be marshaled to finance their rebuilding? Evidently, contrived bogies whose threat is entirely blown out of proportion, the likes of whom a desperate deep state directs its media assets to excite in the public conscience, have turned the American mind to mush. Still, this week's failure to win U.S. backing of fundamentalist cannibals cum child butchers in Syria truly is a watershed victory prospectively reasserting the American Revolution's precious purpose, likewise making Senator Bernie Sanders' call to "Seize the Moment" one whose focus we here sharply demand be directed toward the one American institution whose intellectual and moral bankruptcy has made it far more deadly than al Qaeda: the U.S. Federal Reserve. Seize it. Turn it into a Hamiltonian national bank.

As for our wild suggestion the United States park its nuclear armed submarine fleet in the English Channel and begin a debate over which capital, London or Paris, the nation should turn into a parking lot, what is this? Quite simply, it is further advocacy for the methods of Henry Clay. Yet at this moment in the nation's history the United States would be threatening to assert its will—founded upon principles elaborated in its Declaration of Independence and Constitution—from a position of far greater military strength than was the case in 1812. Therein would we promote a practical means by which the people of the United States, through its Congress, could drive a wedge into the deep state. These folks want war—indeed, we might safely assume need it? Fine, then. Give them its promise. Except here we're targeting the nation's true enemy. Here, we are raising the fear of God in European capitals where the deep state's Venetian brain is located, and so, advocating republican revolution, this by taking the "war against terrorism" to its genesis, its source, and keeping it far away from our own shores. Were the United States allied with Russia in this effort, which nation likewise has been a target of terrorism animated by Britain and France, all the more likely would victory of the republican cause over tyranny be secured for many, many more centuries. Of course, the mere suggestion of such a course now raises prospect the next 9/11 false flag is as likely to hit Britain and/or France, as Israel, with the latter target having been alerted by Putin in his New York Times op-ed. Thus, is the republican cause again motivated in the fear of God such raised risk of a false flag now threatens. Thus, too, would people of good will in any nation of the world insist that, were terrorism to rear its ugly head anywhere over the immediate period, relevant intelligence services be blamed, that heads roll and AWOL checks stymieing rogue elements be rigorously reenforced. This holds true especially in the United States, spending more on its defense and intelligence than all other nations on the planet combined. The nation's growing intolerance of unaccountable institutions of government demands U.S. intelligence services be brought to account were a large-scale act of terror anywhere in the world to pass over coming weeks and months.

Indeed, what role U.S. intelligence services have played animating the so-called "Syrian opposition," particularly al Qaeda, need be brought to light immediately in Congress. So, yes Senator Sanders, seize the moment. And Senator? Actions speak louder than words. Where's your bill promoting a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax? You have advocated for this, no? Well, with the looming threat of a government shutdown, we trust this is the sort of policy whose time has come, and has just been waiting for the right moment. So, get 'er done.

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