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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vlad Dons His Red, White and Blue

Let me first assure you I am not Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech writer. Yet it's clear we here are on the same page. This is affirmed in Putin's final sentence appearing in his New York Times Op Ed marking the 12th anniversary of the deep state's attack on freedom in New York and Washington:
"We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal."
Hmmm. Created equal. Where have we heard that before? Ah yes, that quaint relic called the Declaration of Independence. The very document a bunch of bearded cannibals and child killers in Syria have failed to produce as an abiding symbol of unity against a tyrannical oppressor, this that "a decent respect to the opinions of mankind" be committed to eternity, justifying "the causes which impel them to the separation."

Is it just some strange coincidence Putin would invoke the U.S. Declaration of Independence on the very same day we here recognized Europe has no choice but embrace the American System of Political Economy, this as a matter of necessity to meet the promise of life, liberty and happiness, much as was the case in 1776?

Um, no. Both we and Putin recognize the utter weakness of today's Venetians, the likes of whom the U.S. political class has become perfectly captive to. Thus, will I again tonight forego technical observations on a dying financial asset class and put some luster on the precious metal Putin has delivered to a world longing for exceptionalism in spirit and truth, rather than at the end of a gun barrel. Tarpley is quite right. Gold is where you find it.

Yesterday I received a letter from CREDO Action, informing me:
"There are still those in Congress who are seeking to pass what amounts to a backdoor authorization for war, even while it's clear that the American people want all diplomatic efforts exhausted before war is considered. All of our representatives in Congress -- whether they oppose, support or are undecided on the use of military force -- need to hear from us that we still oppose war."
Really? The Venetian lap dogs in Congress need reminding? I find that hard to believe! What do they need?  A general strike? A unilateral mortgage moratorium? Riots?

Well, whatever. The letter continues:
"With the president's call to pause a vote on unilateral American bombing while diplomacy is pursued, the White House is starting to move back from the brink of war. But because this is a direct result of activism by CREDO members and our allies, we must keep the pressure on.

"Momentum could quickly swing back to military strikes if we do not continue to make it clear that we want our government to pursue accountability for the Assad regime’s war crimes through diplomacy, the UN and the International Criminal Court, and not unilateral military strikes."
What! What! The Assad regime's war crimes? Oh, so CREDO is a CIA front? Grand. And just how might we confirm this? Well, let's read on...
"The president spent little time in his speech explaining that Syria is now willing to sign the Chemical Weapons Treaty and turn over its chemical stockpiles to the international community. He didn't use his speech as an opportunity to make a strong case for the International Criminal Court to immediately start war crime tribunals and proceedings against those responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria as several members of Congress are now calling for. And he didn’t detail how the U.S. can now work with allies like France and the U.K. to negotiate with Russia and China to seek a UN Security Council resolution as a result of this new diplomatic opening."
Allies like France and the U.K? Oh boy! With friends like these, who needs enemies! That was it for me. I wrote back to CREDO and made clear the reality I see:
"France and UK, allies? Hardly! More like imperialist scoundrels whose joint complicity in propping up al Qaeda in Syria through partnership of their intelligence services with the CIA lie at the root of today's disgusting, nefarious intrigues leading such likes to empower bearded cannibals and other varieties of seditious filth to launch crude chemical weapons attacks throughout Syria over the past year, with the most recent incident in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta also employing some several dozen murdered children kidnapped from Latakia by the fundamentalist scum who then featured their innocent victims in videos that, our resident Nazis and miscellaneous imperialist satraps in the US State Department cite as "proof" of al-Assad's guilt.

"Quit dancing around the real issues, Becky. Americans are not afraid of going to war. We're just tired of fighting bogies propped up by traitors that have infiltrated our government, like John Kerry, like Hillary Clinton, like Susan Rice, like Samantha Power, like most everyone in the Bush administration, like Al Gore, etc, etc, etc. We're tired of a seditious deep state getting a free pass even from the anti-war left. Hope you saw the video by Second City, who at least had the balls to bring attention to this out-of-control deep state whose sheer desperation facing imminent bankruptcy of the trans-Atlantic banking system is so fucking obvious you'd practically have to be mentally retarded not to have noticed it these past 12 years, then be repulsed by it, and so, committed to fighting it at every turn. These are the same scum bags who brought down the World Trade Center towers 12 years ago this day in a feat of magic employing mere kerosene to a task never before in human history achieved. A bunch of drunken coke heads blamed for this act of terror, and here we are pretending the fucks who orchestrated the thing don't exist. Enough.

"We must hold the feet of France and Britain to the fire here. They're the ones who set this Ghouta thing up to weaken the institution of the US presidency under Obama, doing so by a trap venturing to flush the US from its position of leading from behind to leading up front. They're the ones who trotted out Snowden to reveal nothing new that any sentient American did not already know, again all to weaken the institution of the US presidency. We bail their sorry, Nazi-loving asses out and this is the thanks we get! Well, for my little part, I have been advocating the United States park its nuclear-armed submarine fleet in the English Channel then begin the debate over which capital we should turn into a parking lot, London or Paris. We have had enough of these fucks whose ruling classes are modeled on the oligarchies that once ruled Venice and who have been out to destroy the United States for as long as we have been a nation. It is time we bring these pricks to their knees, giving them a choice to form a constitutional republic mimicking that of the United States or face annihilation. We have nobody advocating the United States act from the position of strength it will forever enjoy over these morally bankrupt, imperialist shit holes of Europe. The time to do so has come. In the process, too, we clean out their towel boys and girls groomed in the Ivy League who have infiltrated our government and weakened our stature throughout the globe. If we don't do this now, then we'll have World War sometime in the not too distant future. We may have dodged a bullet this time around, but if we don't make Britain and France heal, we'll be back in the same boat in no time at all."
Pardon my language, but I was livid. Besides, I'm not the president of Russia, so I am afforded the occasion to be a bit less diplomatic, how ever ill advised this might be. I wanted to share this with you, though, because "the Spirit of '76" very much is wrapped up in it and the Russian president is, indeed, backing this call for the United States to put the kibosh on these loony bins from Europe and their American lap dogs. The time has come, and the first order of business is...


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