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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nanook Goes to NASDAQ ... and WAR!

No change in the weather. Indeed, we're still waiting for some technical indication of an intention to ramp this trash on the next leg of its endless liquidity fantasy, let alone clear signal there's a growing interest wishing to own it for the long-term, this because there's unrecognized "value" whose near certain realization presents a low-risk investment opportunity. There positively is no shot this latter possibility will take hold, though, so long as central banks continue telegraphing the insolvency of the banking systems over which they lord.

Yet telegraph they must, and this at the price of shooting themselves in the foot, thereby guaranteeing their eventual crippling, which dilemma in fact is smack dab in front of us, as Confetti prepares to pursue "other opportunities" [in academic fraud]. Damned if they do and damned if they don't, and the real crime is the man who put swindle into overdrive, guaranteeing the Fed's and the trans-Atlantic banking system's insolvency—King Ponzi Greenspan—remains a free man.

Yet look at Ponzi's support network dying in Syria! Are [insolvent] "masters of the universe" really celebrating war's avoidance, if only by the sole, pathetic means they have at their disposal exploiting a broken discovery mechanism? Hell No! They're doing whatever it takes to keep al-Qaeda's options in the money.

Like I inferred yesterday, though, if "al Qaeda" so much as farts in the United States, this place will EXPLODE. They'll not fare much better in Russia, either. Funny, the bearded cannibals have yet to test the police state concentration camp that is Israel. Coincidence? Here's another knee slapper: Israel spends a tiny fraction—a pittance—on its defense and intelligence in comparison to the United States. Is it possible the crazy jihadists have a Freudian affection for Moses? Or do the Venetians who draw their maps still label the place "Palestine," easily confusing the cave dwelling crowd on the deep state's payroll? My, the things Venice has learned since their Austrian dog, Adolf, broke from his pen and went for their throats. It's a lot easier to control plague infested rats who possess neither a diverse, well-organized manufacturing capacity nor a first-rate intelligence service. What these rats don't have, master Venice provides, no doubt sugar coating their provisions with lies that, so-called men of God religiously preach to their misguided, tormented dupes who are willing to die for virgins the infidel West busies itself vainly attempting to deflower, all the while giving no thought whatsoever to the billions upon billions upon billions upon billions spent chasing rats for years on end, only to see their number grow in spite of a great carnage meted. To be nice let's just call this Venetian farce an inter-faith gathering of snow cone sucking Eskimos whose chattering teeth are not consequence of the cold, but of cowardice.

Now, as far as the drive to launch NASDAQ to a thirteen year high, this is quite understandable, as neither Moses, Jesus, nor Mohammed, were these resurrected souls somehow momentarily detoured from their eternal walk on water, could say whether the exchange will open tomorrow, so while it still is possible better juice the con where the average snow cone sucking Eskimo of the West likely has a personal connection.

Pssst! Nanook! Are you seeing this?...

A thirteen year high and you're being left out in the cold, while cowards everywhere only make you feel at home, afraid of missing out on the next serving of snow cones.

Actually, it's probably more the case that, you and they, alike, are just holding the real "goods"...

And while we're yucking it up, this one came to my attention today and deserves to travel far and wide ... and fast!

"I mean, there is no way that, he, or the cabal of corporate interests, spy agencies and shadow bankers (the "deep state"—ed.) that tell him what to do would ever mislead us!"

Too funny! Yes, Venice, that's right. We're laughing at you ... from behind the periscopes of our nuclear-armed submarines!

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