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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pimco's Gross on Board: Liz Warren, Fed Chair, Saves World

Confetti's "Siamese twin" Yellen does not fit Bill's idea of Main Street growth...

Real growth is badly lagging? There's a structural problem? The Fed is driving in the fog?

What is going on?

Uh, a big move is brewing. The President is on board. We must wonder, then, has time come for "bail in?"

Bill Gross rather might be easily persuaded Elizabeth Warren run the Fed. Credit is the means to growth the bond king seeks and Liz "gets it" vis-a-vis S.897.

Bloomberg? More or less tongue tied—stunned over how quickly Confetti's fortunes have turned.

If nothing else today, on display was a Fed Chairman being ruled from without. Truth is there is no better way. Likewise, it is better to be among the ruling.

A currently precarious technical state accompanies revelation it is Helicopter Ben being tapered. Fair warning, and a curiously "thick" media to boot. Oh, the humanity!

That's right. How soon we forget that recent cluster of Hindenburg omens.

Safe for now, it is safe to assume, is the gap higher on the first trading day of 2013. Its approach, though, might very well come tomorrow...

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