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Monday, June 10, 2013

"Something's just not right" Gains Political Harmony

Meet Ed Snowden, 2013's version of Julian Assange, a tool of the "deep state," Team Fraud's holding company. The question is why make it obvious Venice on the Thames is running this subversion of the institution of the U.S. presidency?

Is this thanks for kid gloves used by the Department of Justice in the case of HSBC drug money laundering? Or was it the DOJ's "pass" on the case against Goldman Sachs laid out by the U.S. Senate?

Now, what if expanding war in Syria Snowden's "leaks" intend likewise is given a "pass," and, instead, the kid gloves come off? This question necessarily tempers Friday's perspective suggesting the greater part of wave (c) completing a "zig-zig" up from March '09 bottom might imminently unfold. Still, though, recently elaborated Elliott wave-based views assuming a 5-3-5 ("zig-zag") might be forming off March '09 bottom find yet another perspective in line with this same possibility...

Here, we're back to anticipating weekly MACD's signal line crossover to the negative indicating fading momentum and setting up the S&P 500 for a turn down possibly bringing the market its steepest decline since March '09 bottom.

All things considered, the above prospect seems more likely than Friday's. The common thread—"like from like"—we see contrasting the "zig-zag" up from March '09 bottom with the "zig-zag" up from March '03 bottom is interesting. A trip back down to the lower end of the range wherein the zig-zag's middle wave has been forming seems reasonably projected on this account, as well as on account of duly noted, negative technical factors reviewed here of late substantiating a view that, "something's just not right," a characteristic typical of Elliott "b" waves (in this case wave (b) of B).

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